Zombify: Sickle's take on "Breach"

Breach follows an engineer and his fellow crewmates as they try to stop a vicious lifeform from destroying their ship and home on a new life-sustaining planet.

Breach Review

There weren't high expectations for this movie...At this point in Bruce Willis' career, his brand has worn off. With the countless b-movie duds he has conceded himself to recently, he has less good-will than Nic Cage, who at least embraces the camp and looks like he is giving his all. Willis looks like he is cashing in checks to try and retain his three summer homes in Florida. The name no longer holds any value. I sooner watched this movie for the off-chance of seeing some good scifi-horror, but unfortunately there was little of that on hand either.

This film suffers a similar trope that I mentioned recently in my review of Boys From County Hell, in that it chooses to control its budget and conventionalize its action sequences by just having the nefarious creature infest/possess humans. This way, you can have "monsters" in the form of zombie-like people with cheap makeup affects and a standardized screech sound effects package. This approach doesn't always fail or dilute the plot. Slither is an example of a successful use of this method. But most films who use this path seem like they are only attempting to control the budget to get the job done.

This whole movie carries that aura of a lack of energy or care, at best playing out like a SyFy Original with no heart (which I actually feel like comparing this movie to some SyFy Originals is an insult to SyFy). The story is mostly nonsense, half-heartedly playing off the "humanity doesn't deserve a second chance" scifi trope through an alien that changes the rules of how it operates whenever the plot makes it convenient. The big finale of the creature reveal is hardly worth the slog that is the throng of steroid zombies. I was just waiting and hoping to see something half-decent, but alas it was a waste of time.

The CG is on-par with the aforementioned SyFy originals, with little or no practical effects to speak of. The tone is all over the place, settling most often as a cheesy action movie, feeling like its reactively trying to match the jaded charisma of its household name actor. It tries to raise the stakes, but because there isn't a single character you care about, the stakes don't matter. While the plot feels like it does nothing, it suffers most by trying to do too much. It has this ridiculous subplot early on of "who's the traitor", but the treatment of it doesn't come as a relief of tension, but rather a mindless attempt at a joke that merely manages to waste time.

The film is unoriginal and a technical mess, so it overall lacks any redeemable qualities on which to latch onto. I wish I could say I at least appreciated this performance, the creature design, or even a single scene...but it all falls flat in the end. In space no one can hear you yawn.

Horror Rating System

Horror Qualifier: 6/10

Horror Quality: 3/10

Film Quality: 2/10

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