That Bites: Sickle's Review of The Shed

The Shed follows an isolated high school kid who discovers a vampire living in the shed behind his house. After some gruesome deaths, the young man must decide whether to destroy the vampire, or use it for his own gain.

The Shed Review

Despite an intriguing premise, The Shed spends a bit too much of its runtime on the teen angst drama rather than the feral vampire in the titular locale. Our protagonist and his bullied best friend eat up a majority of the screen, playing out more like the beginning of a school shooting PSA than a creature feature. Like Dead Girl, the characters spend most of their time bickering about the implications of their supernatural discovery than actually acting on it. In the case of Dead Girl, that's for the best...but in the case of The Shed, we need more vampire mayhem!

After a promising opening, the film spends a significant amount of time away from our vampire friend. The amount of dream sequences seemed to outnumber vampire appearances, to the point that a movie about an immortal bloodsucker felt unrealistic at the lack of its presence. Where was this thing? Is it literally stuck in the shed?...

The performances are well enough considering the budget and how green most everyone is. The vampire look isn't terribly original, but I appreciate any take that leans towards the feral approach. The horror elements are present throughout, despite my two-paragraph complaints to the contrary. Yet it grew old how many of the scares were left in the dream world when there was a perfectly good monster just outside.

Teen angst and bullying were meant to be the metaphors at play here, and they come to a head in a relatively powerful climax. Many of the final moments are wobbly and abrupt as if the director was unsure how to film the action and conclude the film coherently on the limited budget.

Despite my heavy critique, I did mildly enjoy The Shed. It doesn't do much rehashing of other films (even though it vaguely reminds me of some) and it tries to be original with its approach to the all-too-familiar vampire mythos. The use of the shed was a fantastic idea, but perhaps the film would have been better spanning the course of a single day rather than the inexplicable amount of time that does pass. And what would have been lost in that scenario would not have been missed too dearly.

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