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Telluride Horror Show Day 3 - Efrit's Take

The final day at Telluride is always bittersweet. Some of the best movies are saved for Sundays, but it is also the last day of the festival. Today was a Sunday Feature Film day as we watched movies all day. Here are my thoughts on what we saw.

Black Friday

Which movie do you think I am describing? A group of people get trapped at their day job after aliens descend to earth? Well if you were thinking The Mist you would be right, but in this case the preferred answer is Black Friday. In this horror comedy we see a what happens if The Mist happened over the most frightening retail day of the year.

Let's start with something I think most people will think after they see this movie: "That movie was not well written." I would totally agree but also counter by saying most great mindless horror leaves us wanting in those departments as well. So like Killer Clowns from Outer Space or Fright Night the movies plot really isn't why you watch these classics. It is for the effects and action.

This movie's creature design game was on point. From newly infected alien hosts to Final Boss monsters straight out of Lovecraft, you will get rewarded for sitting through the plot here. If that wasn't enough there are some faces you may recognize. Devon Sawa, Bruce Campbell, and Michael Jai White are just a few of this awesome cast.

So we have effects and we have an awesome cast, but a very poor plot. WE can all be honest and say we have seen movies that were missing one or more of those. But if you know all that going in, does Black Friday sound like your kind of movie or not? For me, it was. I will tell everyone to see this if they can and not feel guilty about it!

The Sadness

Oh, this movie. If you follow anything horror movie related you will have heard of this film. You have probably also heard it is one of the most violent and disgusting movies ever. Well I have good news and bad news. The good news is that this movie is more than just that, but the bad news is that it pretty much is just that.

The Sadness follows a couple as they navigate the beginning of an epidemic of the Alvin Virus, a virus that makes you want to kill and rape every living thing around you. As you can probably imagine, the encounters escalate more and more as they try to find each other amidst the, "chaos" isn't a strong enough term to describe it, perhaps the word doesn't exist.

Speaking of existence I have a personal feel that this movie has hints of cosmic horror in it. From a virus that causes non-traditional human brain states to the Hellraiser-ish mix of pain and pleasure from all sides, you see how it could be viewed that way. It was exceedingly violent but I think the more uncomfortable part was (even as a demon) seeing the extents people's minds can go when spiraling between pleasure and pain.

This movie is violent. There is no talking around that. But at times the violence comes off as cartoonish. Kill Bill levels of blood and straight out of horror manga torture scenes makes the violence a bit more manageable. I think that is why I will tell certain people to watch it, but this by no means is for everyone. View at your own peril, but I think those who tough it out will see something in this movie.

It is with a sad tone we say farewell to Telluride Horror Show this year, but with a hope that we can leave Hell again in 2022 to come back and haunt Telluride's streets for a weekend and check out some of the best horror we get to see in any given year. Thanks for everything, THS crew and staff for another awesome year!

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