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Telluride Horror Show 2021 Preview

Telluride Horror Show 2021 is right around the corner on October 15th! THS recently released their film and short slate, and we'll be diving into our most anticipated of both! After checking out our list, head on over to THS to see the full slate, and if you haven't gotten your tickets yet, go grab some!

Feature Film Previews


In a small Oregon town, a teacher and her student come face to face with an ancient creature feasting on the townsfolk.

It's FINALLY HERE. One of our most anticipated movies from what feels like years and years ago will finally be seen ahead of its nationwide release! Efrit is a huge fan of the wendigo mythos and I am a huge fan of anything with a good monster in it, and we will both hopefully be satisfied after finally getting to watch it!

Mad God

This stop-motion animated feature from Phil Tippett (known for his work in Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Robocop, and Starship Troopers) is 30 years in the making.

I'm not sure exactly what this is (as a feature film). And I'm not entirely sure how well I can embrace it if the story is too nuanced and ambiguous. But there is something about it that feels wholly original, and it feels like something that needs to be experienced and appreciated as a macabre work of art. It looks like something that can't be missed. And I am such a huge fan of stop-motion animation and a smorgasbord of grotesque creatures.

The Sadness

A seemingly benign virus mutates into a mind-altering plague, causing absolute chaos to ensue within a city. A couple attempts to survive and reunite amidst the violence.

Morbid curiosity is a common characteristic for horror fans to have and Efrit and I are no different. The Sadness has been getting a lot talk for its violent intensity which has our attention. What has often been described as a challenging viewing, we may just have to take the challenge on ourselves.

Black Friday

A bunch of Black Friday employees must try and survive the night when an alien virus turns the late-night shoppers into a monstrous horde.

With Bruce Campbell in the cast, it's hard to imagine this won't be an enjoyable horror-comedy. The premise follows the "horror hits the holidays" concept, but using a holiday tradition that hasn't been touched much in horror, despite being ripe for social critique. I'm also curious to see how the mutated shoppers appear and just how much horror-comedy mayhem we'll have on hand.

Short Films


A serial killer is visited by his estranged daughter in prison, and there conversation takes a sinister turn.

Often the most unassuming shorts are the best, and Transfer has an air about it. Because I can't peg where this short is going, I'm very excited to experience it for the first time. Some of the best horror doesn't need a drop of blood.


A man with is guts on the outside tries to get a promotion.

Horror-comedy shorts are just as entertaining as the purely terrifying ones, often carrying more social critique behind their grotesque humor. This one looks like it will be full of gore, hilarity, and perhaps a little bit of a message.

Dragon Blue

Transformed against his will, Chase Jackson battles the evil forces of Goldline Incorporated as the cybernetic ninja Dragon Blue.

There are a handful of reasons this looks interesting...Firstly, it has a Power Rangers satire feel. Secondly, I like the line "transformed against his will" in the synopsis, as that possibly houses some fun in it. And who doesn't want to see some hilarity involving the cliche attack on a money-hungry corporation? There is going to be something fun here, perhaps in the vein of Turbo Kid.


A strange, screaming calf is born in a rural Irish village.

One of my favorite movies is Isolated, which centers around a similar premise. While I'm sure this won't end or even begin in the same way, the style and performances in the teaser imply the same level of seriousness and somber tone. This one intrigues me greatly.

Special Delivery

A package delivery person lets her curiosity get the better of her as she struggles with not opening the package she is supposed to deliver.

There are a lot of directions this short can go in and I'm excited to be along for the ride. We might be in for a good scare and a good laugh at the same time?

We are so excited to be back at THS in person. The vibe and setting of Telluride, as well as the meticulously curated shorts and feature films, is something we have sorely missed. This is just a sample of what THS has on offer this year. If you want to see more, click on over to THS. We hope to see you there!

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