Telluride Horror Show 2021: Day1 - Efrit's Take


WE'RE BACK. Back from Hell to cover another wonderful Telluride Horror Show! Once a year the planets align and we are able to escape Hell and venture to Telluride, CO to watch some of the best horror of this and next year before a lot of other folks. With tons of shorts and surprise feature films, we cannot help but be excited to be here yet again!

Sweetie, You Won't Believe It

I have never really ventured into too much horror from Eastern Europe, since the descriptions of A Serbian Film really made me not interested in it, but I am very happy that I took a chance on Sweetie, You Won't Believe It (which I will be called Sweetie for the rest of the review). The Host described it as a gory comedy which is one of the best ways to start the festival, in my opinion.

This movie follows three friends who go "fishing" in order for one, Dastan, to escape his pregnant wife for a day. As they arrive at the fishing hole a cacophony of other individuals from a man avenging his murdered dog to three men seeing another man about a horse also arrive and hilarity and violence ensue. Personally, I see this as a new Tucker and Dale Vs Evil (which also debuted at THS's inaugural event in 2010) which will tell you without reading this review that I really liked this film.

I personally always appreciate a horror film with comedy, especially when the comedy is in perfect juxtaposition with the scares or gore. While I am not really convinced that this movie is a real horror film, I do think it is a great gore adventure into good friendships cannot be broken by anything and how you should not fuck with a persons dog. Also the comedy transcended language as our whole theater was cracking up at the gags and the jokes.

The ending does not disappoint either, you would think a film like this can escalate only so far, but you will be surprised how everything turns out. If you have time I would highly suggested seeing this film while here at THS. If you need a break from crazy, intense, scare-ridden horror, Sweetie will be the break you need to keep on keeping on the rest of the festival.

Horror Qualifier: 5/10

Horror Quality: 4/10

Film Quality: 8/10

Here There Be Monsters Shorts Block

As you all know, we LOVE shorts, so starting our weekend with the monster shorts was the best way to start a weekend. Here is what I thought of the half I am reviewing.


Going into this I knew the main character was a vampire's familiar and I was hoping they would delve into the state of mind those individuals are in as it is not super common in horror to see a serious take on that. I was not disappointed as I truly felt his terror as he was trying to make his master happy and the emotional trauma of sacrificing his fellow humans to the horrible creature that he serves. Go see this block for this short.


If Familiar was my favorite short, Transfer was a close second. As the name implies, this movie is about a transfer of something that can only happen between a crazy serial killer father and a young struggling daughter. What starts off seemingly mundane shortly turns into something surreal as the story of why the father is a serial killer comes to light and what he needs from his family. Great short that makes this block even stronger.

The Thing That Ate the Birds

This is probably one of the stronger practical effect monsters we see in this block (competing with Smile). It still is creepy and fast paces and I think it adds even more to this shorts block being a stronger one for this year.

Imaginary Portrait

This was the first short that was really lackluster from this block. While it did have some good haunting moments I think the "monsters" in this short were the people in the short, which is kind of of a letdown for me. It was more of a ghost short and personally it felt out of place and the ending was very underwhelming. Maybe a bit to heady for me at the end of the day, so it will be a pass from me on this short.

What an awesome start to THS! Can't wait to bite into tomorrow!