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Sickle's 10 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2022

With our reflection of 2021 behind us, it's time to look to the future! What does 2022 look like for horror in the early goings of the year? Is there hope for our darling genre? Let's take a look at what we already have to look forward to!

10. Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

This is less anticipation and more sheer hope. There were rumblings early on that this Marvel superhero sequel would be more on the horror side, and therein Lovecraftian. Of course, in the past, when Marvel and other superhero-toting studios have promised such things it was mostly neutered and mainstreamed to be just another cookie-cutter, albeit darker, superhero movie. From the trailers thus far, it appears to lean that way. But that doesn't mean I'm not excited to at least see Shuma-Gorath, even if he'll be under the guise of a lesser name.

9. Jeepers Creepers Reborn

The Creeper is one of my favorite movie icons, but its off-screen legacy has been marred by the original director's despicable acts of the past. Add in the fact that despite this context, the third film was near-unwatchable. So, a reboot that can help cleanse the character of its on-screen and off-screen woes is welcomed. I hope it's as surprisingly impressive as the Wrong Turn and Child's Play reboots.

8. The Northman

It's hard to not be excited about the next entry from director Robert Eggers. The man has made a name for himself by immersing the viewer in various time periods, with incredible acting, writing, and cinematography. It doesn't hurt that there's usually a nice horror twist to his films. His latest, The Northman, tackles a revenge tale from a 10th-century Nordic prince. While it appears to have the least horror elements of his films, it still commands attention.

7. Salem's Lot

As Lovecraftian adaptations and explorations have improved over the years, we've also had more recent successes with Stephen King's works. Therefore, it's hard not to get excited about a revisiting of his famous vampire tale, Salem's Lot. I'm admittedly not a big vampire guy, nor do I have a deep appreciation for this particular story from the author, but I imagine that witnessing a bold and quality take on the material will reinvigorate some love.

6. Terrifier 2

A grindhouse/indie slasher gem, Terrifier brought Art the Clown his own film, leading to a messy, yet lovable homage to sleazy, nasty horror films of the late 70s and 80s. Efrit and I had the pleasure of listening to the creators during a Q&A at Telluride Horror Show several years back, and it was a great glimpse into how far they can stretch a modest budget. With likely a bigger pocket with which to pull from this time around, I have high hopes for a sequel that will gruesomely one-up the original.

5. Evil Dead Rise

Despite mass success from its modest beginnings, whacky sequels and respectable remakes, the Evil Dead franchise has avoided the oversaturation of cash-grabbing iterations that have no soul or thought. That is why it is hard not to get excited about another visitation to this iconic horror world. In name alone, the expectations will be high for many.

4. Nope

The ominous and intriguing poster art doesn't hurt already high-end excitement for Jordan Peele's next venture. Obviously, Peele's first two films are fantastic, even if Us was a little more clunky in its twist/reveal. It's hard not to be excited because we are virtually guaranteed a fresh, original look into homage-driven horror with powerful social critique. And the possibly Lovecraftian or It-like vibes I get from the poster have me even more thrilled.

3. Prey

Predator is one of the greatest scifi-action films of all time, due in part to its visceral horror worked into the extreme violence and terrifying alien. Unfortunately, as is the case with most franchises, the film series took a nosedive after the sequel, culminating in an awkward, disjointed attempt by Shane Black in The Predator. But, I haven't given up hope yet. This film looks like it will have a darker, more somber tone which I am looking forward to exploring.

2. Hatching

Described on the surface as a Finnish body horror film, I can't help but be pulled in. The story follows a girl who finds a mysterious egg that hatches a doppelganger creature that acts out on the behalf of the girl. I can see this movie turning into a rather bland and plodding affair, but I can't help but be intrigued by the concept, and I'll never turn down some good body horror..

1. 65

Scifi horror is my favorite horror subgenre, perhaps because it tends to give us the most creative monsters and effects while at least attempting to provide some semblance of substance and character development along the way. I can't help but get excited about a mysterious movie starring Adam Driver and involving an astronaut crash-landing on a planet that is ominously inhabited. It certainly doesn't hurt that writers/directors Bryan Woods and Scott Beck are involved, considering they helped bring us A Quiet Place and Haunt.

It might be a promising year from what we're seeing here, but we all know some of the best films of 2022 aren't even known yet. Festivals, indies, and streaming service surprises are all out there in the aether waiting to be discovered and consumed this year. Can't wait.

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