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Run Far Away: Sickle's Take on Hulu's "Run"

Run follows a girl who begins to suspect that her mother may be purposefully keeping her sick in order to profit from the sympathy and to keep her under her control.

Run Review

Despite some good acting and a few moments of genuine suspense, Run is familiar and predictable, in large part due to its clear intent on being a fictional portrayal of the true story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her mother Dee Dee Blanchard as they introduced the common person to munchausen by proxy. Where Run suffered its greatest victimization of circumstance was from the release of an HBO documentary in 2017 (Mommy Dead and Dearest), detailing the real-life case, and a serialized recreation of the events in 2019 (The Act). And here's the kicker...The 2019 dramatization was released by...Hulu...the same streaming service that, a year later, released Run, which is by almost all accounts a more fictionalized version of the story the online television network already told the year prior. So, frankly, Run is kind of pointless, particularly from the perspective of those that have already fully engaged the true story.

And there are few moments, if any, in Run that are more horrifying, depressing, unsettling, or gruesome than those moments that actually occurred in real life, and thereby through the interpretations of the documentary and dramatization. So, basically, Run is entirely unnecessary and essentially a waste of Sarah Paulson's and Kiera Allen's talents.

At the simplest form of critique, Run fails to come up with a reimagining that is differentiated enough from the source material to be interesting. In fact, the source material is far more compelling and disturbing than what we get from Run. This might be one of the only instances I can recall in which a fictionalization of a true story fails to take its opportunities to stretch the truth in order to add drama and suspense. It almost dumbs it down and removes key elements that make the actual story so unbelievable and engaging. Run is just...bland by comparison.

The composition of the film and the performances on hand from the two leads are certainly not the problem here. Many of the shots in the film help establish perspective for the victim and the mother's state of mind. The problem lied almost solely within the confines of the story. It was hard to tell if it was a dark drama or a thriller sans a few suspenseful moments.

It almost has this feeling like a comic book, if Hulu doesn't make a production based on the source material every year, they'll lose the rights to it. But hopefully after this completely unnecessary and trite attempt, Hulu will realize it's okay to let this subject matter pass on.

Horror Rating System

Horror Qualifier: 6/10

Horror Quality: 3/10

Film Quality: 5/10

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