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Oscar Myer Winner: Sickle's take on "Halloween Kills"

Halloween Kills follows the events of the Halloween sequel-reboot, with Michael escaping the fire that he was seemingly trapped in at the end of the previous film. He again begins a murder spree as survivors of his original rampage attempt to rouse the community into a mob to kill Michael once and for all.

[This movie was viewed via Peacock TV.]

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Halloween Kills Review

There has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding Halloween Kills...from the petition against the film's opening sequence in which a team of firefighters are taken out by Myers, to the very wide spectrum of reviews...from those that loved it to those that hated it. And it all seems to boil down to a single quality of Myers....and this review will tackle that now. So, if you haven't seen the movie, know that there are SPOILERS AHEAD.

As is the case with most icons, the rabid followers have very strong opinions about the character(s) in their favorite properties. With Michael Myers, one of the strongest opinions surrounds the character's mortality and supernatural-vs.-normal human traits. There is the camp that thinks that what makes Myers special compared to most horror icons is his lack of supernatural abilities. He's just a human killing machine. Others appreciate the ambiguity of his nature; that the evidence points in all directions and the mystery of it adds to the flavor. And then there's the category of fans that see the signs of Myers' otherworldly attributes and embrace them. Right or wrong, the latter seems to be the smallest of the fanbase. So when Myers' nature leans heavily towards the supernatural by this film's end, it rubs a lot of horror fans the wrong way.

I personally fall into the middle camp. I find the ambiguity of Michael to be one of the most intriguing qualities about him. In fact, it's the only way to evolve the character through multiple films. Seeing Michael as nothing more than a heartless killing machine in the first film is interesting in its own right. But where do you go from there? How many times can this guy get back up until you start to wonder? But it's the wonder that keeps the mystique of Myers going after all these years.

Yes, Halloween Kills dives deep into the supernatural camp with Laurie's monologue towards the end of the film. But there is still this matter of his movement and behavior. He still operates as a human being. And, for me, that keeps the ambiguity intact. It's that premise of belief...the idea in many horror films that the witnesses are all that matters...what can be proven. 10 years after Halloween Kills, are the characters within the world that are now basing their understanding of Myers off of hearsay going to believe he is some supernatural being? Probably not. And is any of it going to change the very nature of Myers' behavior? To this point in his filmography it hasn't. So what we get is a fun new wrinkle to dissect in the mythos of the character, which for me is fun to dive into.

Now...for the movie as a whole...I found it insanely campy. A lot of the dialogue and acting is laughably bad. But, then again, that's not really why I'm watching a Halloween movie...It's a slasher after all. I'm here for the fun kills. And this film offers some of the best in the franchise in spades. I thoroughly enjoyed the pace of the film and its embrace of the original storyline to further the plot of this sequel-reboot approach. It feels more purposeful than most horror sequels do, and I think that helps the viewer to feel the heart put into the film. Despite some hefty flaws in its cheesy script, it was a lot of fun to watch. So...whether you're a diehard fan or not...if you can get past the supernatural pinch of the film, there's plenty of horror fun to be enjoyed.

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Horror Qualifier: 10/10

Horror Quality: 8/10

Film Quality: 5/10

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