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Mile High Horror Film Festival 2021: Shorts Program #2


The Apps you use on your phone can sometimes control your life more than you think. In this short, we are exposed to the life of a lady who downloads a new app on her phone to make her beautiful after a bad breakup. Once she posts a bunch on a drunken night in, things start to get strange. This short was pretty great. Lots of suspense and great practical effects and I am just left wanting to see a full-length film of this short!

A Darker Place

Never go into the monster's lair alone is the lesson I learned from this short. While only being ~8 minutes the monster and effects are great and I think this is a pretty solid monster short. If you were looking for something more along the lines of how far is too far when working for a government or any military commentary you will not find it here, but a good short nonetheless.

Out At Night

Walking at night + strangers in cars + deserted rest stops is a combination that never results in anything good. That being said, this short does not go in the direction you think it would. It was a pretty good short but I would have liked to see a bit less shaky cam. And it seems like a bunch of disconnected things all happening at once.


In this "the Big Toe' inspired short, a boy finds a toe to have for dinner when he cannot catch anything else, but the owner doesn't like that too much. There isn't really much original storytelling here but the animation and vibe make it probably one of the most honest and frankly creepy retellings of this story I have ever seen.

Koreatown Ghost Story

When a curious lady bequeathed a puzzle box by her dead mother tries to figure out what is inside, she is taken on a

crazy adventure through her heritage and her past. It is a quick, little short with a nice twist at the end! I assume if you know more about the culture of the film it makes a bit more sense, but that isn't a negative part. It also has one pretty great gory scene in it as well!

The Last Marriage

Could your marriage survive anything? Even the Zombie Apocalypse? In this short, we see a different side of the end of the world, and how sometimes all a relationship needs is a bit of a shake-up to get things started again. This is one of those horror shorts that gives you all the feelings of a good, heart-warming episode of The Office set in a horror setting. I liked it a lot and it is worth a watch.

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