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Mile High Horror Film Festival 2021: Brain Freeze

What do a sarcastic, soda-addicted teen, an aging survivalist security guard, and a baby all have in common? Everyone around them is turning into Plant Zombies! Or at least that is the case in the Canadian film Brain Freeze directed by Julien Knafo.

The movie felt like a new Resident Evil medium written by Poison Ivy, and that is a great thing. I think too often nowadays we get two kinds of zombie movies. The first is where no one seems to care about why there are zombies and we have to just watch people be shitty to each other for a few hours, and one that delves deeply into the reason behind the zombies and potential cures and such but don't really venture into new grounds. With the exception of Army of the Dead zombies, films have kinda been falling off the map. So when we see something about zombies I know I'm not the only one who is hesitant.

Although it is a bit slow at times Brain Freeze delivers a nice blend of horror and slice of life that when combined with its more unique take on zombies ends up being quite enjoyable as a film. The only part I thought was somewhat out of place was this seemingly random anti-government radio show host. Not to say it was completely out of place, but it just added this completely overdone commentary on a government's corruption and overextension. That being said, that radio host has a producer that is hilarious in the background of some of the radio scenes. The ending was very brutal. and that is all I will say without spoilers. It is one of those endings that clearly sets up for another film as well so maybe we will even see a follow-up! I also really enjoyed their commitments to practical effects. We say it a lot here but putting extra effort into the effect of a horror film is what can make or break the immersion of a great scene, and this film does it very well. You still have 3 days to check out Brain Freeze at MHHFF, so go do it because I think it is a good movie you won't regret watching! Horror Qualifier: 8/10

Horror Quality: 8/10

Film Quality: 5/10

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