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Mile High Horror Film Festival 2021: Best of Shorts

Best of Shorts

Welcome to our coverage of Mile High Horror Film Festival 2021. This week, we will be writing about the wonderful Colorado Film Festival gone virtual (this year). Efrit's favorites and least favorites from this Best of Shorts program/block are below. Enjoy!

Dog Food

After a strange string of events leaves a man with his dog missing and a new girl in his life things get strange during their first date. This movie was very drawn out and the ending was kind of confusing. With nothing but a small twist, this was not really my kind of short.

Killer Kart

Shopping carts may have more to them than meets the eye, so don't ever treat a cart poorly. This was a pretty funny little horror short that reminds me of a short fiction I read once. It had fun effects and is definitely worth watching again!

Bobby Yeah

I don’t really have anything clever to say about this except skip it if you don’t like stop motion or get grossed out by unnecessarily visceral stuff. I am not sure I even understand what I just watched but I am sure others will.

A Tricky Treat

An oldie but a goodie. This short was a cute little twist on the interesting holiday tradition of pumpkin carving. Nothing much to say outside of it is short and sweet, and worth a watch.

The House is Innocent

This is a documentary-style short about a couple's adventures in transforming a notorious murder house into their forever home. This was an interesting take on how to see the joy in something that is horrible and something I think that we should all be reminded of, so it gets my vote for a watch!

The Legend of Beaver Dam

In this musical camping horror-comedy gone wrong we find Danny as a nerdy writer who has to figure out how to handle a summoned killer who starts offing his campmates. This short was delightful and will probably be a yearly watch for me. Campy, gory, and damn fun.

Check back soon to see more coverage of MHHFF!

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