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Look Harder: A Good Woman is Hard to Find

A Good Woman is Hard to Find follows a widow struggling to raise her two children while trying to keep the police engaged in her late husband's death. When a drug dealer takes refuge in her home, she is forced to make some tough decisions that inevitably lead to some violent incidents and revealing truths.

A Good Woman is Hard to Find Review

The world of drugs and drug dealing houses its own collection of horrors that many in the real world have witnessed or endured. This tale of grief, revenge, misogyny, and determination gives a glimpse into some of those horrors, but through a more intimate and somber lens. While it lacks traditional horror elements -- even its thriller-like aspects are often dry -- the film's dark tone and subject matter leave an impact.

The acting is by far the strongest pillar of this film, though the directing and script are not far behind. There are some originality concerns, as the drug boss antagonist is very color-by-numbers and the protagonist's plight may remind one of similar film structures such as While She Was Out and For the Sake of Vicious. But where both of those films leave the children out of the action for most of the runtime, A Good Woman is Hard to Find often operates within the confines of the protagonist's struggles by having the children present for much of the traumatic events. It adds an extra touch of realism and depth to the lead's experiences.

The depth of this film is not only found in the drug dealing run-ins, but the everyday life of the protagonist as she goes to the grocery store, visits her mother, and checks in on her late husband's case. All of these scenes provide a glimpse into real-life scenarios in which a widow or divorcee may be the subject of prejudices and biases, even from family and friends. Her constant battle with whether her husband was a good man or possibly as rotten as the thugs descending upon her life is the fuel that drives the dark drama of the plot.

Those looking for a violent revenge thriller won't find it here. While there are certainly elements of that and the plot provides degrees of solace through violent means, the film's majority of screen time is devoted to a slow progression of the characters and their build to the climax. It's a solid progression, however, providing a methodically effective pace and enough intrigue to drive your curiosity.

While by no means horror sans a couple of brief moments, this dark and dramatic thriller offers plenty of intrigue and character progression to be considered amongst fans of horror's fringe cousins. While I was expecting more intensity and violence going into the film, I wasn't disappointed in the product as the acting and script make up for the lack of horror elements.

Horror Rating System

Horror Qualifier: 5/10

Horror Quality: 3/10 Film Quality: 7/10

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