Ruptured Dreams

Rupture follows a single mom who is kidnapped by a mysterious group of people that is committed to bringing out her purest fear. She must escape their clutches before their sinister plot unfolds.

Rupture Review

What is there to say about a movie titled Rupture starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Chiklis and Peter Stormare about a secret organization that tries to unleash your darkest fears through torturous methods in order to unleash something from inside you? Doesn't that sound like a wet dream for Cronenberg fans? Don't fall into the trap like I did. It's not that at all. It's not Cronenberg. It's not body horror. It's not a good movie.

I could probably just leave it at that, but it's worth diving into why. This film seemingly lacks vision and a solid platform. It wobbles too much on its base, unable to find a reliable foundation from which to stand. Along the way it wastes the talent of its cast, in particular Noomi Rapace, and leaves you utterly disappointed. This film, from the perspective of a horror fan and a patron of movies, is just not worth anyone's time.

I should have seen the signs...The fact that it was tossed away like it was nothing, virtually disappearing into the aether despite a solid cast and intriguing plot. But, I gave the movie its fair shot anyway, and I wish I hadn't. A third of the time the movie felt like a cast-off script from an episode of the kids TV show Goosebumps. Another third felt like a poor attempt (and worse execution) to capitalize on the neon horror trend. And the rest of the time it felt like a cast-off segment from a low-budget 80s horror anthology. It couldn't just fail at one of these failed at all three, failing to create any cohesion or balance in its wake.

The camera angles and colorization feel dated rather than recalled, the writing is stale, awkward, and impossible to execute (poor Rapace/Chiklis/Stormare), and the only thing more bland than how the plot unfolds is the execution of the horror elements...which are few and far between despite a clear attempt at developing tension and legitimate atmosphere.

I'm sure at the end of the day I'm mostly enraged at the lack of effects work. This movie screamed body horror/creature feature to me, and it essentially amounted to literally 5 seconds of anything remotely horror when you take out a scene or two with spiders. If there was a redeemable quality to this film, it would be its ability to make you squirm at the presence of the spiders, even if you aren't particularly arachnophobic. I give credit to Rapace in this regard, as she sells her terror in these few scenes. But I'm also distracted by the cutting to stone-faced agents of the organization, blankly responding to everything that's happening with cliche and vague dialogue that reveals everything at a predictably methodical pace.

I found myself asking "why?" far too often throughout the film. Why would you direct it this way? Why use CG when practical effects would have been far more effective and relatively simple/cheap to execute in these scenes? Why bother having respectable actors if you're just going to waste them? Why?....WHY???

Let me be clear that I don't blame the cast. Rapace still does everything she can with what she has. This film just simply misses the mark in nearly every conceivable way: production, story, symbolism...everything inevitably falls flat...and the biggest shame is that it had potential not to.

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