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Furies Road

The Furies follows a group of women that awaken in the middle of a forest with a bunch of grotesquely masked killers. As they are picked off one by one, the reasons behind their capture and fight for survival become clear.

The Furies Review

In many ways The Furies feels like a blend between a slasher film and a single-room thriller (Saw, Exam, Circle). Half of the film is bloody dismemberment at the hands of sadistic killers while the other half is solving the puzzle of the why and how of the victims' entrapment. As our protagonist solves their predicament with each new discovery, we are treated to a new method to the madness, and it is absolute madness.

The plot isn't horribly original when broken down to its bare bones. Without going into detail, it is a tale as old as time at the end of the day. But the film doesn't hold back by any means in regards to the violence or the structure of its reveals, which allows it to progress at a redeemable pace. The characters aren't entirely unique as the fodder and resolute seems written all over each character's respective faces.

Kudos the the effects team. They took seemingly ordinary killers and made them monstrous with some great masks and unique designs. The weapons and means by which they act aren't quite as original as the macabre costumes they choose to wear, but the bleak absurdity and blatancy by which the killers attack is something worth commending within a horror film. I feel like even some of the good slashers eventually take it easy on a couple of kills, letting them slide off camera, but this film seems intent on never doing that.

I found most of the dialogue to be a bit predictable and even annoying at times. The women survivors interact in the most orthodox of ways. We have the traditional protagonist problem solver with a heart of gold, the headstrong go-it-aloner, the snap-at-anyone-who-looks-at-me-funny, and of course the helpless quiet one. While you aren't sure where the plot is exactly going to end up, you are likely to guess what happens to each of these characters and nail it right on the head.

The Furies achieves a level of entertainment that has been hard to come by of late. Despite flaws, some more egregious or apparent than others, it was a very enjoyable popcorn flick that gets a little cliche as the credits roll, but nevertheless impresses as a whole.

Horror Rating System

Horror Qualifier: 8/10 Horror Quality: 6/10 Film Quality: 6/10

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