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The Formula

Creepshow (2019) is a Shudder remake of a campy horror anthology series of the same name. The show is hosted by a silent ghoul in a living comicbook style, as the entity introduces each story with a sadistic cackle. The stories range from monsters to men trapped in suitcases, but retain the signature campy style and heavy practical effects.

Creepshow (2019) Review

I'm late to the review, but not to the show. (Unfortunately, circumstances have pulled us away from recent reviews, but we appreciate your patience!) There is something truly special about this remake of Creepshow and Shudder managed to nail the aesthetic and style of the original while producing highly entertaining content for a new audience.

Horror works very well for anthology series. There have been dozens of them throughout the years with several classics getting modern remakes as budgets and effects have improved. The Outer Limits comes to mind as a successful anthology reboot. I loved it as a kid and it boasted many of the scariest moments I endured as a child on regular television. But it hasn't aged well as it came about when CG was becoming frequent, but not reliable.

Creepshow (2019) on the other hand, has embraced the original show's approach and merely updated the concept with new stories and better effects work. The plots, acting, and scripts are purposefully campy, bringing about laughs with the occasional eye roll. But the concepts and practical effects are where the show shines beautifully.

While there is familiarity in some of the stories, most feel wholly original. The most familiar tales, like one around a scarecrow and another in a zombie-riddled society, are still very enjoyable with their effects work and goofy dialogue. But the true gems are found in a man crumpled alive into a suitcase for mysterious reasons, a girl who witnesses a haunting occurring within her dollhouse, and a boy that tells a sheriff of his father's grotesque transformation caused by the man's alcoholism.

In many cases I wanted to watch an episode right after I was done watching it. The effects are so much fun and the campy style gives it a longer leash outside of believability for one to enjoy it in a more lighthearted perspective. The two-story-per-episode format makes it even more fun as it makes it feel even more-so like an anthology experience.

Shudder has had more early success in their original programming than Netflix did, specifically when it comes to horror. Where many of the attempts by other streaming services have been dry, bland, and lacking courage or originality, Shudder has curated distribution and produced original programming at a much higher rate of success. I can't wait for season 2 of this one.

Horror Rating System

Horror Qualifier: 8/10 Horror Quality: 7/10

Film Quality: 5/10

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