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Telluride Horror Show 2019: Second Wave

The second wave of feature films and short films was released for Telluride Horror Show and we couldn't be more excited about what was teased! There were even a couple of entries we were specifically crossing our fingers for and they ended up being previewed in this second wave! We'll take a look at some most-anticipated films from the second wave below. You can also check out the full list for yourself here!

Feature Films

Daniel Isn't Real

This one seems almost like Fight Club for a new generation, as a young man summons his charismatic imaginary friend to help him through hard times, but Daniel begins to fight for control of the guy's body. This looks to be a character-driven piece with a good psychological take.


A haunted house movie with a bubble boy twist, this one looks to inspire a bit of originality into the genre, as a boy is forced to endure sinister forces from within his plastic cage.

Extra Ordinary

This looks to be the horror comedy of the festival, featuring some goofy dark humor set in Ireland. A clairvoyant helps people exorcise mundane possessed objects and such until a wannabe rock star summons a demon? Sounds pretty funny. And the trailer looks promising.

Scare Package

Teased last year at THS, this hilarious horror comedy anthology features 7 meta shorts that poke fun at classic horror tropes. If it's anything like the tease, it's gonna be great!


This was the film I was dying (no pun intended) to see. A woman is stranded on an island with a malevolent force that hunts the island at night. Cast Away with a monster? YES PLEASE. Early reviews of this film said the creature had a very unique look and design. I'm very excited for this one!


Starring Armie Hammer and directed by Under the Shadow's Babak Anvari, this film is Efrit's most anticipated entry at THS. It follows Hammer's character as a bartender who discovers a cell phone after a brawl. The phone continually receives disturbing imagery and eventually his life spirals out of control with terrible happenings.

Short Films


The "under the bed" trope is regularly exercised in scary short films, but are still a blast to enjoy! Yet, I love this interesting take in which a young man is asked to check under the bed by his girlfriend every time he stays the night.


A psychiatrist becomes obsessed with her patient, who has a fear of colors, and his unique artwork. This sounds like a truly unique story with the potential of being a highlight of the festival!


Every year, there is a short that has a somber message using horror as a vehicle. This could be that short this year, as it follow a woman who must choose between her mental disorder and her medication that has disturbing side effects.


A haunted house tries to turn its new guests against each other. It sounds like it could potentially be a solid blend of horror and comedy, with some good scares and laughs. Looking forward to this one!

Efrit and I can't wait for Telluride Horror Show! We are less than two weeks away and it can't come soon enough! Get passes here! This is going to be a great year!

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