Monster Party follows three friends who attempt to burglarize a rich home while posing as caterers at a dinner party. It soon becomes apparent that this is no ordinary dinner party, and it is occupied by recovering serial killers...and some aren't doing so well at the recovery part.

Monster Party Review

Monster Party is one of the most entertaining horror films I've seen in a while. Its constant transcendence of tension, humor, and violence is almost perfectly balanced to make for an experience akin to other successful films in the same vein. The concept says it all. A Serial Killers Anonymous club full of a bunch of rich murderers? It's a great idea and it's executed very well.

The symbolism tackling the ever-expanding gap between the rich and poor is present here, but not blatantly in your face. The characters are kept on a personal level and the disparaging chasm between the caterers and the killers is kept at its bare bones of "we need money and they have some", so we can appreciate the metaphor quietly within the gruesome ballet of blood that we behold.

There are definitely moments that feel so nonchalantly brutal and abrupt that it takes a while to recover and rejoin the dark humor. As a whole, the film has that Mayhem vibe, but it takes some of its darker moments to a more visceral extreme that makes it feel less cartoony and more real. And that realism kills the more playful atmosphere more than once.

But nothing ever breaks the momentum. The story moves along at an efficient pace and the characters, even those with the briefest of dialogue, fill their roles comfortably and concisely. Most of the killers are fitting a niche that makes you bloodthirsty for their doom, but we get enough out of the caterers to be desperate for their survival, despite their cookie-cutter personalities akin to Don't Breathe.

The gore takes it to an impressive extreme that rides that line between over-the-top and wondering if that is an accurate portrayal. It's enough to make you grimace and shiver, but also blurt out a shock laugh or two. The film is overall a joy, despite its darker moments killing that joy on occasion. It's definitely one I would recommend to diehard horror fans as a good popcorn flick, but keep in mind that substance was never a priority here.

Horror Rating System

Horror Qualifier: 8/10

Horror Quality: 6/10

Film Quality: 6/10