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Historical Obligation

Avengers Endgame follows the events of Infinity War in the Avengers franchise, with the remaining superheroes that survived the infamous snap of Thanos that eliminated half of all life in the universe suffering the repercussions of the Mad Titan's actions. With a hint of hope left of redeeming their failure to stop him, the group seeks to regain the Infinity Stones and end Thanos for good.

Avengers Endgame Review

As our comic is based on imagery from early in the film and from the trailers, we intend to be wholly spoiler-free throughout this review, speaking not only in vague niceties, but not referencing any particular scene at all. So read on with no worries!

Occasionally, we review movies that are outside the realm of horror (though, usually a step-cousin of the genre, like scifi or fantasy) because they are big event films or, frankly, appease our inner nerd. And considering that Avengers Endgame is on its way to shattering all box office records, it seems only fitting we review the culminating conclusion (I don't care what Feige says, this is the end of the MCU Phase 3, not Spider-Man: Far From Home) of the initial Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Firstly, it's worth commending the achievement Marvel Studios pulled off with this franchise, starting with Iron Man and finishing with Endgame. Despite a couple of relatively small hiccups along the way, each film in the franchise has increased in entertainment, style, and substance, as the stakes are continually raised, both inside of their world and in ours as viewers. We are rarely disappointed, and even the "duds" like Avengers: Age of Ultron has its own reasons to respect it and enjoy it. The MCU franchise, as a whole, is a crowning historical achievement of cinema, and this finale is a worthy introspective fireworks show that deserves accolades and celebration for its courage, will, and creative skill in pulling off this massive undertaking over a decade in the making. It dwarfs the production gamble of Lord of the Rings in scale and makes the DC attempts to rush similar success laughable.

And it brings us all to Endgame. Frankly, you should know what you're going into with this movie, as far as expectations in entertainment and production value. Lauded as the best directors in the MCU by many, the Russo brothers have directed many of the most respected films in the MCU, most notably Captain America: Winter Soldier. Despite its depressing end, Infinity War was a fantastically made film that promised an epic conclusion in Endgame. So basically, if you loved these aforementioned movies, you're not going to be disappointed by Endgame.

The throng of superheroes that have launched, revived, or expanded the careers of many actors are all present and accounted for (except for one annoying least in the first viewing). The real-life difference these people have made is palpable and notable. Encouraging children in hospitals, addressing cultural issues, and inspiring so many on a number of levels...There's something tangible about these characters...They've become real, at least for me, jumping not only from the pages of comic books, but impacting our hearts in ways perhaps unrealized until the final act of Endgame. This has truly been something special.

But to bring some horror-esque discussion into the waning moments of this butt-kissing review, Thanos was such a great villain to behold. The Greek word for death is thanatos; the inevitable end we all will one day face. It's a universal fear and rite of passage for all of humanity. And we are watching our greatest heroes combat this ultimate demise. The bitter fight of the inevitable...against the dark, the nothing, or the unknown. It's true horror at its core, under the guise of a larger-than-life villain surrounded by the lighthearted heroes we hold dear.

At three hours, we are treated to a massive amount of fun and introspective appreciation, and tons and tons of easter eggs and cameos that rivals Ready Player One (okay...not that many eggs...). Despite the undertaking it would be to view this film 10 times, I would imagine there'd be something rewarding every time. It was a great ending to Phase 3 and it is near-impossible for me to picture Marvel Studios finding a way to take things to any higher of a bar.

Horror Rating System

Horror Qualifier: 4/10

Horror Quality: 2/10

Film Quality: 8/10

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