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10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2019

With 2018 in the rearview mirror following Efrit and I's top-10 lists, it's time to look ahead to 2019 before January is over with! There are quite a few films to look forward to, and often the most exciting part is we don't even have a full list yet. We always get pleasant surprises on the festival circuit, as we already can't wait for Telluride Horror Show to come back around! But, taking a glance at the current schedule, let's look ahead to what we see coming (or what's hopefully coming) in 2019! (Where possible, I plugged in a trailer!)

The New Mutants

Everything behind the scenes of this film screams that it will be a disaster. Yet, I hold out hope. We've had plenty of horror-themed superhero stuff over the years, but most, if not all, lean heavily on the superhero side of things over the horror side. This was a film that seemed to be finally giving horror a legitimate shot, until massive reshoots, a major release delay, and grumblings of its demise's hoping this thing somehow, some way, got fixed...


It's been a long time since Shyamalan put two good movies together back-to-back, but it'd be pretty awesome if he took this unexpected trilogy into history as the best superhero movies not based on actual superheroes, and making it in a psychological thriller/horror style! Can't wait for this one!


Everyone in America that can stomach any level of horror can't wait for Jordan Peele's second go at filmmaking. Get Out was practically a masterpiece, and from the trailers, Us feels like an even more intense follow-up. Peele's talent for disturbing visuals blended with social commentary is smart and just what the horror genre needs.


Despite my hesitancy following the first trailer, I have high hopes that this Hellboy entry will deliver on the grit and horror. I also hope that some of Guillermo's visceral world is retained, as I loved his beautiful sets and magical character designs. And despite some mixed feelings from the general public on Hellboy's new look, I think Harbour looks pretty awesome in the role.

It: Chapter 2

I absolutely loved the first one, and if memory serves, it took the top spot in that year's top 10 list. I'm very excited to see how part 2 carries the suspense and charm of the first entry. I have a feeling it's going to be one of the most satisfying entries in horror this year.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

It's hard to consider Godzilla horror anymore, as the giant monster concept is more spectacle than frightful at this stage in human history. Still, giant monsters doing battle? I'll bend on the spectrum a little bit. The trailers have looked amazing to me, as it seems to be retaining the scale of the previous film, but with more action and more classic favorites. Who doesn't want to see Godzilla fight King Ghidorah in high-quality CG and HD???


As with a couple of entries on this list, I'm more excited about the attached names than the synopsis. A family is harassed by a Swedish pagan cult? Okay. It's directed by Hereditary's Ari Aster? I'm in! I'll likely have to set some time aside after the movie to recover, though...

Body at Brighton Rock

A park ranger must guard a body in the middle of the woods at night until the authorities arrive in the morning. She then faces her darkest fears as she tries to survive the night. With little else to go on, this could range from supernatural to psychological to just a gritty, intense survival film. All sound interesting given the setting.


What if Superman was evil? That's what BrightBurn tackles, mixing superpowers with We Need to Talk About Kevin. This reminds me of that short about the superhero-like entity that seemingly establishes its own totalitarian law over humanity. It's an interesting concept that could exercise some very interesting social, political, psychological, and philosophical dynamics.

The Prodigy

The synopsis of a disturbed boy that may be suffering from supernatural circumstances doesn't sound particularly unique, but with director Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact, At the Devil's Door) at the helm, I'm definitely on board!

Here's to hoping 2019 can deliver another enjoyable, original, and successful year in horror!

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