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Revenge Review

Revenge follows a young woman who is betrayed and left for dead by her lover and his two friends. After surviving the initial attempt on her life, she must try and survive the desert and the three stalkers that are out to finish what they started.

Revenge Review

Revenge guessed it...a revenge movie, which is an ever-growing premise in the horror genre. I Spit on Your Grave franchise and The Last House on the Left are films I've recently avoided because the content isn't really our thing. In this case, I decided to give Revenge a shot because I'd heard good things for its style and "limited" approach to the revenge catalyst.

And the grapevine was right for the most part. The film has a unique style likened to late 80s/early 90s gritty action thrillers, but with a self-aware sprinkle of horror. It houses plenty of moments that made me cringe, and that's impressive given the serial killer life I led when alive. The close-up shots of ants attempting to survive a flow of blood onto their heads and zooming up on a mouth munching grotesquely on a snack set powerful emotions in their given scenes. The violence is vibrant and real, driving fight-or-flight in the viewer.

The story isn't terribly strong, though its motif is powerfully enacted through its four actors. You're squirming in your seat in each tension-filled moment, hoping she can figure her way out of the predicament. To elicit that level of emotional response, the movie must be doing something right.

I can't nitpick significant flaws, but it's also not something I'd call special. Looking at films like, say, Avenged, that have a unique twist to the revenge plot, have a little more fun and intrigue to the concept. This one is pretty straightforward by comparison and does little to break the mold.

Horror Rating System

Horror Qualifier: 7/10

Horror Quality: 5/10

Film Quality: 6/10

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