Telluride Horror Show, Day 1, Efrit's Take

The Boat Review

Often I'm not a huge fan of survival horror movies. Things like Jungle, Open Water, and Backcountry are just not this demon's cup of tea. So reading the synopsis for The Boat had me at lukewarm, but the trailer introduces some elements that made me incredibly excited, so I chose to see it at day one of the Telluride Horror Show. That's right folks these two hell-based miscreants are back at Telluride for our favorite event of the year! Anyway, let's talk about this movie!

The Boat starts off pretty unassuming where a pretty competent sailor/general maritime man finding an abandoned sailboat, and as is the law of the sea, he decides that it is his for the taking. Mostly he boards it looking for the owners, then after searching the boat finds his boat is gone and intensity ensues. This very competent sailor basically gets trolled by this boat at every turn and it is very intense to watch how he battles the boat ….and how the boat fights back.

One of the best things about this movie is the air (yes I say air, as in the light touch or subtle feeling which this demon usually dislikes) of the supernatural. At points the main character gets locked in various sections of the boat, gets abused by the boat, or gets chased by the boat while he's alone on it. That may seem weird but the movie does a great job of suggesting, but never showing which turns what is on the surface a survival movie into a really awesome creature feature.

I never thought I would ever say something like that, but this movie about man vs. boat is the best creature horror film I have seen in a long while. The pull and push of the interaction between them felt just like any other creature feature in terms of suspense, drama, and just general tension. But we also get this kind of Stockholm syndrome-ish vibe between the boat and the guy, which causes the movie to end in a very interesting and intriguing spot. I won't go any further because I truly believe this movie is worth a watch, so check it out if you are here and definitely see it someday if you are not

Horror Qualifier: 8/10

Horror Quality: 8/10

Film Quality: 8/10


Sickle and I love our horror shorts, in fact we love them so much that every halloween we do a small horror short festival on our FB page posting new horror films every half hour the day of Halloween, the entire day midnight to midnight, so tun in for that. The way we get a lot of great shorts to show is mostly by seeing new stuff at Telluride, which has some of the best horror short block we have ever seen. I personally also love creature movies as well, as there is nothing better than sitting down to a nice night of watching humans gets hunted, murdered, and generally destroyed by … well anything not human. So when we say there was a horror shorts block at Telluride this year called The Creatures were Stirring you know it got my demon jibblies rising, so let's take a look.

There’s a Monster Behind You - Sometimes it is hard to tell when your friends are messing with you. Sometimes you should turn around when your friend tells you there is a monster behind you before it is too late. This short was very funny with a great pay off at the end best of all great creature design. Short Horror Rating: 7/10

Catcall - I will totally stop cat calling incubi from my bus after watching this short where two women who get catcalled by a creeper end up getting the upper hand. This movie had great costuming and effect when it came to the creatures and I would def suggest it for that. Short Horror Rating: 6/10

Penny Whistle - The Director introduced this short film and made some pretty entertaining jokes about suing his daughters in it and their subsequent trauma. This short was kinda of strange when it came to the humans and how they were portrayed but the creature was super creepy and it was funny to see the little girl who finds a flute and plays it interact with the creature the flute summoned. Short Horror Rating: 6/10

No One will Ever Believe You - There are lots of good creature films that start off with people pranking other people and go south from there, this is one of them. Nothing worse than half way through a prank realizing that you are about to watch you friend/sibling/parent die! The creature in this film was one that scares even me as no one likes to think about what may be in the nooks and crannies of your room we choose to ignore… Short Horror Rating: 7/10

The Hidebehind - by faro one of the best horror shorts either of us has seen in a long time. The Hidebehind follows an injured hikers attempts to find help in the forest when he stumbled upon a cloaked figure who runs away behind trees everytime he approaches. Seemingly simple plot and nightmare inducing creature design make this a must see. Short Horror Rating: 9/10

Home - Never trust people who are your loved ones is the moral of this story. While this movie started off very interesting and had some fun effect it kind of failed to deliver at the end. Short Horror Rating: 4/10

Special Day - Everyone's 18th birthday should be a special one, and what better gift than have prosperity and wealth bestowed upon you! What if that gift came with a creepy companion that followed you until you died? What if that companion was the one that kills you. All of these question were explored in this short. The creature’s were also incredibly creepy and if I ever hear the sound they make it make be the end for this demon. Short Horror Rating: 8/10

Look What the Cat Dragged In - A hunter and a photographer in the forest have a dangerous interaction and when the photographer escapes he brings something back from the forest with him. This short was kidna of clunky but had a pretty interesting creature and some great gore, if that is your cup of tea. Short Horror Rating: 5/10

Mongers - A “documentary” about a man killing the normal modern family set to metal. After the documentarian prepares and follows through nobody's really sure if he was killing horrible demons or if he was just a mad man. This short was fun and it makes you think about what you perceive as truth. Short Horror Rating: 6/10

Oscar’s Bell - A father with his son and dog in the forest stumble upon the hunting ground of something terrible. While this movie did kind of skimp of the effects for a creature film it had some incredibly suspenseful scenes and the ending was one that was delightfully creepy. Short Horror Rating: 8/10