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Telluride Horror Show 2018: Second Wave Preview

The second wave of previews for Telluride Horror Show 2018 is here and it's fleshed out quite a lineup of horror, comedy, and thrills! Efrit and I are both [un]dying for this year's list of feature films and shorts. The scariest part of all is the fear of not being able to see everything...

Here's a brief list of some of our most anticipated films/shorts of the second wave! For a full list of everything coming up at THS, follow the blood-bold link above!

Feature Films


A story set in the 17th century following a convent of sorts doesn't sound particularly unique, especially with the recently released and underwhelming The Nun a few weeks ago, but this movie has Paul Hyett at the helm. He brings with him a short but respectable filmography that houses The Seasoning House and Howl. Both films were drastically different from one another in concept, execution and style. It leaves Heretiks open to be just about anything, but is almost guaranteed to be of high quality, which is what excites us the most.

The Boat

The haunted boat isn't an untouched genre, but it is one that is sparingly attempted and rarely done well. Ghost Ship has developed a small cult following, primarily for its one brutal kill scene and cheese factor. Three of my favorite haunted boat movies were either not haunted (Deep Rising, Virus) or not a boat (Event Horizon). Triangle has been one of the most praised haunted boat films in recent memory. The Boat seems to follow more closely after Triangle, with an even more intimate and claustrophobic concept. This movie has a lot riding on its setting and lead actor, so it's all a matter of execution and maintaining the atmosphere.

The Head

A medieval bounty hunter seeks vengeance on the monster that killed his only daughter??? If ever there was a synopsis that was driving us wild with anticipation, it'd be this one! We can't find anything on this movie outside of THS's posting, which makes it even more mysterious and exciting! This single shot is all we have to go on, and it's enough to grab our attention!

Short Films

Here There Be Monsters

A girl is stranded in a bus yard at night with something big stalking her outside. The premise first reminded me of I Kill Giants (basically because the monster appears to be a metaphor for adolescent trauma), but perhaps a compacted, even more gritty take. We're excited for this one!

Right Place, Wrong Tim

A 90s British sitcom is taken over by clones of the lead actor and descends into chaos. The first thing that popped into my head was the equal-parts-disturbing-and-hilarious Too Many Cooks from Adult Swim. This has the potential to be similarly unsettling and funny.

Who's That at the Back of the Bus?

The top deck of a bus is such an unusual place for a horror scene, because it's technically public and open, but can be equally confining and isolating. This particular scenario finds a woman haunted by an "unlikely apparition", which is either a hint to something truly terrifying or hilarious. Can't wait to find out which!

Everything we've previewed here is just the tip of the iceberg. There is only one place we want to be on October 12th...and that is Telluride Horror Show! We can't wait for next weekend, it can't come soon enough. Hope to see you there!

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