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When You Wish Upon a Corpse

Wish Upon follows a young woman who discovers a magical box that grants wishes at the cost expense of dark consequences.

Wish Upon Review

Horror comes in all shapes and sizes. From the truly terrible and low budget to the million dollar blockbuster ones. The indie mind-screw films to the movie theater trope-filled ones. All horror can be enjoyed from a certain angle. Wish Upon is one of those films. In Wish Upon, we follow Clare (Joey King) as she finds a mysterious and ornate box that starts to make the things she wishes for come true.

Things like getting rich and hurting people; you know all the things we wanted when we were teens. Well at least that is what I hear when I am driving the bus, haha. Only problem with Clare’s newfound wishing power is that it comes with a cost – the death of someone important to you. In the end, Clare tries to escape the fate foretold by the box. I’ll leave it there as the movie is worth watching once, and only once.

There is some pretty cheesy stuff in this movie and a lot of it feels like it was pulled directly from another series we know and love. Suspense comes from watching people close to Clare do their daily work and set themselves up for pretty funny (in all honesty) death scenes. From deadly garbage disposals to falling chainsaws, it is all kind of like a knock-off version of the Final Destination. They lack the true over-the-top ridiculousness that we have come to expect, so I am not truly sure what the movie was trying to accomplish.

The best part of this film is the lore surrounding the box. It is interesting because most movies that have to do with granting wishes or wanting things for nothing have to do with demons or the devil or something. Perhaps I missed that part in this film, but as far as I could tell this movie pulled from Chinese lore. But that is basically where it ends. I kind of wish they would have delved more into his, but it really wasn’t that kind of movie in the end I guess. I said earlier that watching it once was about the best thing to do; don’t pay for it, don’t go out of your way but it is worth one watch. The main reason I believe this is the case is that it has some interesting aspects I think make it worth seeing.

Horror Rating System

Horror Qualifier: 3/10 Horror Rating: 4/10 Film Rating: 3/10

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