The True Horror

How It Ends follows a man who attempts to get back to his pregnant girlfriend during apocalyptic-like events. Joining him is his girlfriend's father (Forest Whitaker). The two must come to terms with their differences to survive the elements and the ever-growing hostility of panicking citizens.

How It Ends Review

An apocalyptic film that attempts to cover human nature's response to the end of the world, or at least the end of the comforts we've grown accustomed to. And as is the case with most modern takes on the topic (The Road, The Divide, Into the Forest), the outlook is bleak on humanity retaining its humanity (sorry, Roland Emmerich). And because it's just riding the wave of society-crumbling hyperbole, it's just a mild echo of superior and more disturbing takes.

However, it's hard not to like a movie with Forest Whitaker, especially one that allows him to show off his tough, gritty side with the heart of gold that he truly excels at. The film isn't particularly original in its moments of tension and intrigue, but Whitaker carries the moments in his delivery of a decent script.

There is one particular scene about 3/4 of the way through that is a definable moment, tackling the concept of guilt when crossing the limits of morality to do what's best. It's so effective that you're torn on who is right or wrong, or even if there is a right or wrong in the situation, and it truly puts you in the moment and makes you feel the struggle.

The action isn't terribly engaging, though it feels like what the scenario would be like in real life. The hesitation, indecisiveness and growing distrust in almost every scene escalates the tension as the film builds. But it never comes to a head, because it is overall predictable.

How It Ends is another flawed Netflix original that struggles to make the impact of the major studios. It still feels like second-hand content for the most part as Netflix struggles to hit a successful stride. Having said that, How It Ends is a positive example of Netflix's gradual improvement and glimpse to eventual major success.

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Horror Qualifier: 5/10

Horror Quality: 2/10

Film Quality: 6/10