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Ruin Me follows a young woman, Alex, as she reluctantly joins her "boyfriend" and a group of escape room enthusiasts on an extreme camping game event. As it becomes clear that the game may actually be real, Alex must try to survive and escape the terrorizing assailants.

Ruin Me Review

This isn't an original concept. The "game turned real, or is it real?" scenario is hardly fresh. Game Night, Fear Inc., and even The Houses October Built films and Mindhunters to an extent all cover a similar plot where the whole movie is an elaborate question of whether or not it's real. It's not like this concept as been over-saturated, it's just hard to find a unique take on it. I haven't seen Game Night, but in almost every case, the violence and threats intensify until you realize it was all an elaborate prank or scare. So what's the point?

I guess there isn't one. In a movie plot that lazily incorporates its two twist options at the beginning, you eventually aren't surprised by whichever option they take. Such is the case with Ruin Me. It doesn't really matter what the end result is, because the film just goes through the motions of the "real or fake?" template, so the twist isn't really a twist, it's just a Choose Your Own Adventure that is chosen for you.

The characters aren't terribly redeemable either. The "comedic relief" guy was decent, but the brooding goths are predictable and irritating. The drug abuse subplot adds to the flavor of the relationship dynamic of Alex and her boyfriend, and helps accelerate the "real or fake" concept, but isn't so well delivered that it elevates the film.

The acting and script are relatively weak, especially for a story that depends on its characters. The horror elements are mild to average, but you never feel the intensity of the circumstances. Ruin Me is generally bland and doesn't bring much of anything fresh or engaging. It's passable, but also pass-off-able.

Horror Rating System

Horror Qualifier: 7/10

Horror Quality: 3/10

Film Quality: 4/10

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