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Bowel Scanners

The Mind's Eye follows a young couple with psychic powers that flee a mad scientist who claims to be offering a cure for their "ailment". As the doctor and his lackeys close in on them, they must use their abilities to brutally defend themselves.

The Mind's Eye Review

This film flirts with the line between homage and blatant rip-off, only keeping itself from crossing the line with its obvious nods and purposeful storytelling bringing us back to the time of Scanners. While Scanners itself hasn't aged perfectly, Mind's Eye has similar limitations, particularly in its script. It's a campy thrill ride, but a thrill ride nonetheless.

This film is stuffed to the rafters with low-budget horror actors like Lauren Ashley Carter, Graham Skipper, Larry Fessenden, and Noah Segan. Unfortunately, all of these actors have deserved praise for roles better than their performances here. Rather than delete that convoluted sentence, I'll clarify...They weren't as good in this movie as they were in some of their other work.

This movie severely lacks the directing and writing prowess of some other stronger works that feature some of these actors, though it does feel similar to the commendable Almost Human that the director also put together. It certainly boasts the brutal violence that parallels the "psychics blowing up heads" concept. But its focus on carrying qualities from Scanners is inevitably its downfall.

This flaw is most evident in the moments when the psychic characters use their powers when in danger. Just like Scanners, it takes a lot of energy and "Dragon Ball Z ki charging"-amounts of time to use psychic abilities. Which is plenty of time for a person with a gun to just shoot the dang thing. This movie contains more of the "villain holding a weapon and taunting" trope than any I've ever seen. Even with the psychics doing their Care Bear Stare, the hesitation of the gun-wielding goons after their regular witnessing of violent retaliation is absurdly laughable. And even though this is the kind of film that may be doing it on purpose, it still got to the point that the awkward joke was making me groan.

The movie is fun in spite of its lack of originality and awkward...everything. It's definitely the kind of movie you watch with friends to ruin it together MST3K style, but it's not so poorly constructed that you can't enjoy what's on screen in between jokes.

Horror Rating System

Horror Qualifier: 8/10

Horror Quality: 5/10

Film Quality: 4/10

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