Inside (2016) follows a pregnant woman in her third trimester who is stalked by another woman obsessed with her unborn child.

Inside (2016 Remake) Review

I must of course admit that I haven't seen the original French version from 2007, but from what I can tell on plot alone, it is far superior to the American remake. And knowing the seemingly limitless possibilities and oft-superior cinematography of international horror, it's safe to assume the original is a clear-cut winner. So what foot does this remake have to stand on?

Not much of one. As far as remakes go, it feels shallow and like a paint-by-numbers of the original, better to rely on the disturbing idea of its premise than take chances beyond that in execution. The premise itself plays out quickly in the first half hour, and rather carry out a purist's game of cat and mouse, like say, Burning Bright or even much of Panic Room, we get the oft-entertaining, yet increasingly unrealistic and frustratingly predictable, fodder characters that are introduced one by one.

There certainly are moments of brutality that stand out. It doesn't particularly turn away from certain moments and they feel realistic and unsettling to the viewer. But it's all a means to an end. We know what the endgame is and whether or not the creators of this remake have the guts to carry it out. And that result is too much of a spoiler to discuss here.

This film sits on its premise which is supposedly based on actual cases of similar incidents. It's an interesting dynamic to think about, if a bit morbid...and I mean that in the sense that you are seeing a twisted side of maternal instincts going against the heroic side. And while that concept may carry for a bit, it isn't enough to retain your interest in the predictable format.

I have to say that the remake merely made me want to see the original. And unfortunately for the remake, that was admittedly my thought when I first saw it pop up on Hulu. But given my resources, I thought I'd go ahead and see some semblance of the film I want to and will eventually see. This one was right up there with Martyrs on horror films I needed to see. And maybe, like Martyrs, I'll get a chance to see an original that probably deserved to go untouched.

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