Furry Hatchet

Primal Rage follows a recently-reunited couple as they traverse the woods attempting to escape a vicious creature resembling the legend of bigfoot.

Primal Rage Review

Primal Rage, with virtually no relation to the "Mortal Kombat with dinosaurs" video game of the same name, is arguably the best bigfoot movie in the string of bigfoot movies we had earlier in the past decade. Exists and Willow Creek initially come to mind, and both are mediocre found footage pieces with limited redeemable qualities. And while Primal Rage is no masterclass in anything, it's at the very least a fun time with decent monster effects and some morbidly entertaining gore effects.

With limited acting and a weak script, Primal Rage focused on what it was good at, which was monster mayhem. In that light, the film reminded me almost instantly of Hatchet, even going as far as to rip off (pun intended) some of Hatchet's famous kills. But, for some reason, it has a higher appeal to me, because it's more fun when a giant bipedal baboon is doing the head mutilating.

I got brief reminders of other films throughout, even likely-unintended nods to Predator 1 & 2. The monster movie appeal is abundant and saturates an otherwise bland, predictable and awkwardly delivered story. Everything from the acting to the directing takes time to warm up, but I would say there was a pretty big transition in quality from the beginning to the end. But don't let that allude to any kind of high bar.

Unlike Hatchet, Primal Rage doesn't have quite the same level of self-awareness, which hurts its moments of humor and the poor acting throughout. The hillbilly gang of hunters harm more than help, though there is a moment that was definitely worth a chuckle. Most of the time they felt like an incidental satire, like a non-purposeful clone of Tucker and Dale vs Evil.

Despite my enjoyment of Primal Rage, it's hard to recommend to everyone, as it depends on your willingness to laugh off or ignore the innate poor qualities of the film's vein. It's at its core a goofy monster movie with some fun moments and a decent monster take that isn't going to blow your mind, but is better than most with its bold amount of camera time. And that's what it's all about for me. Commit to your big baddie and let's see it in all its flaws and claws.

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Horror Qualifier: 8/10

Horror Quality: 7/10

Film Quality: 5/10