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Dead Shack!...Baby, Dead Shack!

Dead Shack follows a family that goes on a camping trip at a low-budget cabin, only to discover that a neighbor is feeding victims to her undead family members. With the murderous mother setting her sights on the newly discovered witnesses, the family must combat the crazed woman and her zombie family to survive the night.

Dead Shack Review

Seriously...once you see Christian Slater, you can't unsee it. And this movie embraces the Slater of the 80s/90s with its purposeful schlock mixed to a fine puree of gore and black comedy. Did you ever want to see Slater in place of Corey Feldman in an 80s b-horror movie? Well, this is your chance.

Dead Shack is absolutely a success for Shudder. It delivers the superficial horror comedy genre perfectly, and manages to do it without a single pair of bare boobies! Go can be done! In fact the scenes of brief teases play off this trope hilariously, if not subtly, taking a stab at the required trait in the slasher/horror comedy genres.

The acting is on-par with what you'd expect. It's not the best, even as far as horror comedies go, but for the most part, they deliver on a mostly-effective script with great timing and tone. The dad, in particular, is gold throughout the movie.

It's difficult to judge a horror comedy fully because part of the fun of the genre is the lack of serious treatment. This film oozes the chemistry everyone had on the project. Everyone is having a blast, and it's infectious.

Let's be honest. Little, if anything, about this film is original. It pulls from 80s classics where kids discover an evil and have to save the day, while pulling from more recent gags and modern tropes to flesh out the story. I'm not seeing anything new. But what I am seeing is old done well. It's funny, it's fun, it embraces the ridiculousness.

The script is mildly choppy at parts, where moments of dialogue don't flow quite as well as most of the jokes. But it's not enough to take away from the overall impact of the movie. The horror genre isn't required to always strike a social commentary or reintroduce introspective discussion on philosophy or psychology. Sometimes they're just there to be fun. This was just fun. Take it in.

Horror Rating System

Horror Qualifier: 7/10

Horror Quality: 5/10

Film Quality: 6/10

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