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Telluride Horror Show Preview: The Shorts

In addition to the previews we got last week on the Telluride Horror Show slate, they also released a plethora of shorts that will play in their nifty categorical segments throughout the festival. If you follow the link in the last sentence, you'll be taken to the full list of shorts coming out. We're going to go over a few that we found particularly intriguing below. Unlike with the full-length films, we will not be providing previews for these, as we like to avoid the visual hints from shorts, but you can take a peek at them following the link!


Any plot that describes a cat-and-mouse game with a hellish beast is going to catch my attention. I wonder what the key is for...

Great Choice

A woman is trapped in a Red Lobster commercial. This absurd plot, combined with the screenshot, reminds me of Too Many Cooks. And while I'm hoping this doesn't take me to that degree of insanity, I hope it is that genre-bending and as darkly hilarious as it sounds.


A story about a child struggling with his parents, but particularly his father. I am most intrigued by the screenshot.


The plot of this 12-minute short sounds very interesting as a boy attempts to go about his daily routine waiting for his mom to return home while an otherworldly force is ravaging the world outside.

Tickle Monster

The title says it all. This sounds ridiculously awesome. I haven't seen anything attempt to manifest a tickle monster before, and it sounds like something I want to see.


A malevolent force in a house? Peeking under the bed? Sure, show me the terror!


The story follows a woman attempting to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. This screenshot is what really attracted me. It looks very interesting. For some reason it is triggering memories of the final moments of The Divide.

Over There

This screenshot, combined with the premise of a father and son playing under a bridge when they experience something awry, reminds me of Absentia...a lot. Which is, of course, a very good thing!

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