Telluride Horror Show Preview: First Wave

The Telluride Horror Show, Colorado's best horror festival, is just around the corner on October 13th through the 15th! And now they've released their first wave of films for the show! We'll be taking a peak at some of our favorite previews below and get the hype train moving!

Cold Ground

A found footage film that is set in the 1970s uses vintage photography practices to put you in the world the creators have designed. The film appears to feature a similar style to that of the original Blair Witch with a plot that sounds eerily similar to Blood Glacier. While this film likely lacks the cattywampus creatures Blood Glacier boasted, this film could take a turn down the Who Goes There? (the novella that inspired The Thing) route, as the audience is wondering who is infected and whether or not they will change. I could be way off-base with these guesses, but I'm definitely intrigued.

Dead Ant

Eight-Legged Freaks meets Them! in this very self-aware creature feature starring Sean Astin (Borderland), Jake Busey (Arbor Demon, Identity) and Tom Arnold (...other stuff...). The low-budget effects work may play well with the ensuing hilarity, using the CG ants mostly for gags and a vehicle to the comedy. Looks like with the right delivery, it could have some great moments.


From the maker of Midnight Meat Train comes a gory, intense tale of a group of college students getting pinned down by a hidden sniper in the middle of nowhere. Despite what seems like a straightforward plot, the trailer looks like it is delivering an intense, violent thriller that doesn't back down. I'm definitely looking forward to this one!

The Endless

From the directors who brought us the subtle, slow-churning horror of Resolution and Spring, comes a story about two brothers who return to the cult that they escaped from as children. As supernatural events escalate, the brothers slowly become convinced that this cult might be housing something unearthly and that the prison they escaped from as children may not let them go a second time. This clip seems to carry with it a similar Lovecraftian atmosphere, similar to Spring, but with the dynamic friendship bonds of Resolution. We're excited for these two talented directors' third go!