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Follow tells the story of a young man who awakens to his girlfriend dead on the floor. Unsure of what happened, but seemingly the only culprit, he begins to experience overwhelming guilt as he tries to cover up her death. As reality slips away, he begins to lose his sanity. Is it all in his head or did her head just move?...


Follow Review

The film thrives on the guessing game that dominates the psychological chaos our protagonist endures. Did he kill her? Did she kill herself? Was he set up? Is she actually dead? Did he kill himself, or, did she kill him and this is his Hell? The mystery isn't quite captivating enough to make up for the ambiguous drop into insanity.

The story struggles the further into madness our character goes, failing to maintain a rhythm that makes your brain crave the answer to the aforementioned questions. As his sanity goes, so does his morality in his choices of how to handle the situation. And with every decision, you lose more and more sympathy, that by the end you have nothing left to give. And when you have nothing left to give, you realize that the answer you've been waiting to have revealed doesn't hold any power over you. You just don't care as much as you thought you would.

I don't want to take anything away from Noah Segan's performance. The guy is a master of roles like this and I love his take on a man thrown into a downward spiral of doubt and guilt. I don't want to harshly criticize the story, either. The concept of a haunting of sanity as almost a diabolical revenge ploy with supernatural undertones is compelling, but I am one that struggles to retain my initial interest in many films that attempt to screw with reality. If I'm as lost as the character, it is easy for me to disconnect. That may not be the sentiment of everyone, but I can't help my subjective thoughts leaking into the review.

There were a few key moments that felt disjointed. Suddenly our character is doing this. We instantly have a scenario in which a couple of things have already happened and now we're in this situation. Films like these don't feel a necessity to give any kind of visual or auditory assistance and can dismiss odd behaviors or happenings as part of the mental collapse/haunting. That's fine, but in some cases it is merely a cop-out.

Overall I did enjoy the film, but it wasn't something I was blown away by. I welcome Noah's courage to dive into difficult roles and usually come out on top on the other side. In this case, I feel like we needed a couple of extra takes of the final shot of the it felt like the end of an Andy Samberg dark-comedy skit than a chilling final moment.

Horror Qualifier: 7/10

Horror Quality: 4/10

Film Quality: 5/10

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