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Incarnate Review

From time to time we all go see movies on a whim. When I saw the preview for Incarnate, I was excited to see Aaron Eckhart acting in a new horror film. I was also intrigued with the plot synopsis. In this film, Eckhart plays a mourning father who has learned the ways of an "incarnate". What is an incarnate you ask? Well it is seemingly someone who can enter a person's mind and purge the dark forces taking them over. In most cases this is a demon who is possessing the individual. He is on the hunt for a specific demon he has named Maggie, who was involved in the death of his family. He believes he has found her in a small boy, and the movie ensues from there. Incarnate was not quite what I was expecting. It has some pretty common exorcism/possession movie tropes that are not very stimulating. The part I did really enjoy was the idea that we as humans have the power to expel these demons and he was just there to help us along. I think it shows that humans have a lot more going for them than just belief in a giant man in the sky to save them. The idea that demons are just dark entities that convince us we are living a life we want in our heads during a possession is very interesting to me. Since I have never possessed anyone myself it makes me wonder what I would do to convince people they were happy. Surely driving them around on a bus would not cut it. Even though this movie presents some interesting ideas about possession, it still doesn’t overcome some of its own failures. It has a very simple plot. Not much I remember from the film was very surprising and for some reason they felt the need to put Eckhart's character in a wheelchair. Normally, I wouldn't call attention to such a character element, but in this film it just caused awkwardness and it came off as forced. There are lots of times his character is trying to mimic what a normal person would be doing in a scene in a wheel chair and it comes off as just distracting. The movie ends on a strange note that kind of makes it feel like they had a lot more confidence in the film’s success than was warranted. That being said, it is definitely worth watching if you see it for free or on Netflix, but this movie is nothing at all to write Hell about. Horror Qualifier: 6/10 Horror Quality: 6/10 Film Quality: 3/10

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