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Into the Forest Review

Into the Forest follows two sisters (Ellen Page and Even Rachel Wood) as they attempt to survive in their secluded home amidst an apocalyptic scenario in which electricity has suddenly become non-existent and gasoline is scarce. The subtly impending doom builds as the months pass without signs of a return to normality, and the sisters must learn to cope and survive in the new reality.

Into the Forest doesn't flirt much with the thriller genre, let alone the horror genre. I wasn't expecting a quickly paced film by any means, but the dramatic elements were more so the nucleus of this film than any other genre. Having said that, the film has its moments, and for what it was, it was worth a watch.

Rather than focus on the obvious life-threatening scenarios that accompany most post-apocalyptic films, this movie chooses to focus a great deal on the emotional damage associated with such a situation. Many of the dangers are to the psyche, and the more visceral dangers are estranged but present. Such physical dangers do rear their ugly head, most apparently in the form of Michael Eklund, who has thoroughly established himself as a distinctly nasty evil in the films I've seen of him.

Rather than merely bicker, each emotional exchange of the two girls presents two real perspectives of the given scenario. You are hearing an argument that would likely take place in such a setting. This depth allows you to delve into the story a bit deeper than in films of a similar caliber.

The film still has this feeling of Z is for Zachariah mixed with Telluride Horror Show pick Here Alone, and therefore the originality of the plot and atmosphere doesn't feel purely original. Yet, I found a strong enough connection with the cast to stay involved through the end.

Horror Qualifier: 5/10

Horror Quality: 3/10

Film Quality: 6/10

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