Telluride Horror Show 2016 Preview: Second Wave

The second wave of films being presented at the Telluride Horror Show was released recently! Below are our quick takes on some of the films involved in the second wave.

Beyond the Walls

A french haunted house thriller, the film definitely appears to pull some artistic value (common in many french productions) into the framework of this unsettling environment. While the music in a trailer is never guaranteed in a film's final product, the score in the above trailer certainly adds to the dreadful mystique of the film.

Kill Command

This indie scifi film has that feel of a high quality indie short stretched into a full length feature. So many times I wish to see some of those fantastically made shorts into feature films, and it looks like this film might be my wish. This film looks like it sucked every last penny out of its budget like District 9, providing a finished product that looks far above its proverbial bar.

The Windmill

The dutch production appears to have its own unique style and approach it. It seems like it will have elements of drama, comedy, and straight unadulterated horror. Dutch mythos, particularly as it pertains to horror, is not a common thread in the United States. It will be exciting to see a tale woven from uncommon threads, much like The Hallow from last year.

Other films presented in the second wave: Ibiza Undead, Sadako vs Kayako, #Screamers.

We are fire-and-brimstoked for this year's films and can't wait to sink into the Telluride theaters next weekend!