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Most Likely to Die Review

Most Likely to Die follows a group of high school friends-turned-young adults who are meeting for their school reunion. They have to deal with the fact that none of them actually grew up, while also being murdered by a graduation gown-donning psychopath who may very well be one from their own clique.

Most Likely to Die had so much promise. The premise is actually quite clever, but instead of keeping it light and an obvious satire, the director either failed to maintain the humor, or it wasn't intended to be so. Both are equally disappointing.

The acting is downright awful, but that wasn't unexpected. Films like these are usually carried by their satire of the craft - in this case, slashers. At times the film succeeds in poking fun and poking holes, but at other times I couldn't tell if the director was trying to generate a genuinely dramatic scene, or again shoving a mirror in the face of slasher films. It was so poorly delivered at times that I couldn't honestly tell.

The film made you feel completely embarrassed for its cast of characters. None of them were able to grow up and escape the most trivial of high school traditions; the "most likely to" year book caption. The characters spend regular moments in the film declaring their inability or ability to do something based on their "most likely to" label. Rather than have their tendencies nuanced into the film, it is regularly shoved in the viewer's face to remind the everyone that this character is literally the face-value of their "most likely to" label.

On top of this, the film is aggravatingly paced. The characters are regularly getting back into high school drama, literally minutes after discovering one of their friends is dead. "Oh no! Tina's been stabbed!...but seriously, do you think Johnny will ever get over the fact I slept with Trevor?..." It's so incredibly annoying and ill-conceived, it makes you think the scenes must have been purposefully built this way as some kind of satire...but for some reason, I find that unlikely.

Horror Qualifier: 8/10

Horror Quality: 3/10

Film Quality: 2/10