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Rat Burgers

Preview Reviews: Rats, The Eyes of My Mother, Another Evil

Tonight we wanted to do a Preview Review series on a few feature films coming up at the always-incredible Telluride Horror Show. These films, as well as the Horror Show, should be a fantastic spectacle to satisfy our horror-craving hearts.

Rats Trailer

Super Size Me taught us that Morgan Spurlock can make anything horrific. So what can he do with a topic that already gives a portion of the populace the goosebumps and spine-tingleys? Well, if this trailer is any indication, this documentary will leave you squeamish and unable to eat for a basically, Super Size Me with four legs and fur.

The Eyes of My Mother Trailer

This film looks more unsettling than I had initially anticipated. The black and white approach, along with a psychotic female lead, reminds me a lot of Darling. Of course, that could merely be the black and white...but I also find the subtlety in the behavior of the characters to be similar to that film. This film looks like it will be disturbing, and perhaps something that will stick with your subconscious through the night.

Another Evil Clip

For some reason, this clip gave me a sense of Absentia, perhaps with its pseudo-micro-budget production value. Of course, that's not meant as an insult, as Absentia is a great horror film, but above-and-beyond in regards to its budget. Either way, this clip gave off the kind of humorous vibe I picked up on from the synopsis. The writer/director of this film also wrote several episodes of the series Silicon Valley, so he has a good sense of dark, dry humor that could play well in the horror genre. After watching this rather satirical clip of haunting/possession films, I am very much looking forward to a good laugh.

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