Telluride Horror Show 2016 Preview: First Wave

Our most coveted event of the year has to be the Telluride Horror Show, which will be happening this year October 14th through the 16th. The venue, in combination with fantastic film selections, makes THS a highly anticipated event for Efrit and I. Today we got a taste of what this film festival is bringing to the party, and we're going to break down a few of our favorites of the upcoming slate.

Feature Films:

Man Underground

This film follows a paranoid, socially disconnected geologist as he recruits some friends to help him make an autobiographical film on his life, which involves his broken marriage, interaction with aliens, and inevitable loss of his sanity. The plot sounds like it may be awkward and disjointed at times, but that can make for masterful storytelling in the horror format. At the very least the synopsis sounds original and promising for a quirky turn on horror. Plus, it looks like it features the lovechild of Oscar Isaac and Joaquin Phoenix circa I'm Still Here in the lead role.


Real horror documentaries can often be more impressive than fictional pieces. Rats will likely be such a film, as it dives into the global infestation that is our vermin assailant. While many pet owners would argue the heartwarming attachment they have to their domesticated rodents, the wild version can be one of the most destructive and relentless forces on Earth. This documentary appears to detail this in horrifying ways. Can't wait!

We are the Flesh

This film takes place in post-apocalyptic Mexico, as a brother and sister take refuge in one of the last remaining buildings. There, a man drafts them into helping him construct a womb-like cave in the building. Tension ensues. What can I say? The plot sounds very intriguing. What's the "womb-like" structure for? What does post-apocalyptic Mexico convey about our modern global state? This could be the best foreign film of the show.


Curve - This short follows a woman who must climb out of a mysterious abyss that is spewing forth eerie sounds of inevitable doom. The synopsis gives the vibe of a Lovecraftian-type story with an unspeakable doom from which our protagonist must escape.

Conventional - Directed by Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy, Oculus), this short follows a fallen scream queen's acceptance, or perhaps lack thereof, of her fall in popularity. I am very excited to see a short directed by the lovely Gillan, who seems to hold a place in her heart for the horror genre.

Hilde - A young girl undergoes a strange transformation as her mother attempts to retain normalcy. Anything that involves transformation is a plus, and the plot sounds rather intriguing and engaging.

Kitchen_Remodel.wmv - The synopsis for this short is "beyond description"...Which tells me it is beyond evasion...How can we not want to see this?

When Susurrus Stirs - This short follows a man who becomes the host to an ancient creature named Susurrus. The body horror genre, particularly the brand that involves some level of metamorphosis, is a favorite of mine. This tale sounds like it is right up my alley.

Other films and shorts to premiere at the show:

A Dark Song, Another Evil, Here Alone, Incident On and Off a Mountain Road, Spring Break Zombie Massacre, Terrifier, The Eyes of My Mother, The Girl with Two Faces, Trash Fire, A Nearly Perfect Blue Sky, A Reasonable Request, As They Continue to Fall, Arcana, Bill's Landscape and Exorcism Services, Blight, Death Metal, Eat My Shit, Ghost Story Club, Girl #2, Gwilliam, Hada, Handjob Cabin, Hide: Bloody Mary, Interior.Family, Jezebel, Kookie, Little Boy Blue, Naked Under the Leather, Nuts, Overtime, Pearlies, Pieces, Portal to Hell!!!, Reed, Still, Strangers in the Night, The Babysitter Murders, The Birch, The Black Bear, The Home, The Incredible Tale of the Incredible Woman-Spider, The Man Who Caught a Mermaid, The Procedure, The Smiling Man, The Stylist, The Tunnel, They Will All Die in Space, Under the Apple Tree, Travel By Feet, The Prodigy: Wild Frontier, The Backwater Gospel, Phil Tippett's Mad God: Parts 1 and 2, Accidents Blunders and Calamities.

For a full list of film descriptions, follow this link.

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Can't wait for October 14th! Hope to see you there!