Lyle's Rosemary

Lyle Review

Pregnancy is no foreign concept to the horror genre. But, Rosemary's Baby ripoffs are becoming increasingly common. Perhaps there is no film more of a Rosemary clone than Lyle, and a weak indie one at that. The primary difference you will find is that the couple running the show in this one is a lesbian couple. I'm not getting into sexual preference here, my issue with that is that it just doesn't provide enough originality to the material to be worth a film.

Whew...I really blew through my dislike for this film right in the intro and haven't left myself much to play with in the paragraphs to follow...So maybe it'll be a short review late on this Friday night.

I'll be honest, I've had Lyle on my "write a review" list for quite a while. And it's been sitting there because I found the movie so devoid of content that I wasn't sure what to write about. And now, admittedly, it's been too long to even give the weak portions of the film their due.

I recall the acting was decent. And in a film like this, that's one of the key ingredients. But its lack of style and immersive writing made even the respectable acting deliver on a bland script and even more dull tension.

The satanic pregnancy approach has been beaten to death since Rosemary and no film has done it near as good as that one since. The concept is too horrifying to ignore for more than half a decade at a time, but it feels like no one is going to strike it on the head like that film did.

Perhaps my ineptitude of writing a review is a sign of bad writer's block that I let drag on too long. Or, it's a sign that my instincts on the film are fairly accurate, and while it tried to deliver a tense atmosphere on a minimal budget by putting a twist on overworked material, it never comes to fruition on the screen.

There was some nuance amidst the plot and its leading ladies that was strong, but it was so frugal in its construction and cinematic delivery that you never feel anything from the scenes. It's unfortunate because there is something hidden in there that seems like it could've been a powerful film in the right hands, but the hands in this case were too safe or too meek to push the film a bit further emotionally.

Horror Qualifier: 6/10

Horror Quality: 2/10

Film Quality: 3/10