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Real Demons Have Curves

Curve Review

The slasher genre can be limiting when you consider that the slasher is usually (or traditionally) human. That sounds like a lame and obvious comment to make, but it is important to note when deciphering whether a certain slasher/serial killer film is good. If following the traditional stereotypes of slasher films, you will find a pattern to the process. This pattern often leaves to recycled mechanics and a dull plot. There is only so much you can do with a serial killer's personality before you're either repeating old themes or flirting with the creation of a new Batman supervillain. Let's be frank, the Collector and Jigsaw look like they're trying out for the next DC monthly.

So how do you keep a slasher film fresh? Consider reworking the rhythm of cliche casting and protagonist design (You're Next) or play with the setting to establish something unique. Curve attempted the latter, putting a majority of the film from within a crashed vehicle. This setting looked like it was going to be a bore, but it ended up being a decent place to set down a set of cameras and let the lead act her way out.

While this film contains a serial killer antagonist, the setting dilutes the peril away from the killer and places it more on the predicament. This led to some interesting moments, but it certainly took away from the level of tension with our killer. His constant jabbering led me to Reservoir Dogs quoting in my head; "are you going to bark all day little doggy? Or are you gonna bite?" Eventually, the dialogue isn't enough to maintain our killer's image, and unless we start getting some brutality soon, I'm going to question is honesty and resolve.

Curve was like a blend between The Hitcher and 127 Hours, never fulfilling any of the qualities of either film, but able to fuse the two in such a way that you are at least devoting your attention to the screen. Of the horror films that hit Netflix around the same time, Curve was the most entertaining, though it contained less conventional horror elements than the others. But sometimes I'd like to admit a recommendation for entertainment reasons rather than merely horror qualifications, especially as I am still staying in the ball park.

Horror Qualifier: 5/10

Horror Quality: 5/10

Film Quality: 5/10

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