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Hollow Scares

The Hollow Review

Not to be confused with the fantastic The Hallow, The Hollow was a SyFy original attempting to establish a respectable reputation for the network known more for its scifi thriller garbage that is heavy on the low budget CGI and light on the acting and script. SyFy Channel has created some embarrassingly awful films, mostly orbiting the concept of mutated, prehistoric, or mechanically altered monsters. These films have usually embraced their cheese factor and rarely attempt to have any substance of consequence. The Hollow was advertised as a legit horror film and perhaps something that could show some production value beyond the $2 million budget.

The Hollow succeeded in this goal if for nothing else than the creature concept and execution. By far the best aspect of this film was its monster design and effects. While the CGI was still significant and unrelenting, the style of it allowed for a more visceral feel and didn't look like animated paper mache. Its interactions with the corpses it creates towards the beginning of the film made for a couple of great sequences that sadly weren't carried out through the entirety of the runtime.

The creature is where the praise grinds to a halt. The acting and script are abysmal, the characters unbearable, their motivations and dialogue cringe-worthy, with behavior from our protagonists that is scream-at-your-screen illogical. The appreciation for the monstrosity's creativity is well diluted by the time the actors are done. The concept of the film was sadly like almost all other SyFy originals, in that it had a creature idea and the studio was hoping to saturate the film with it enough to be enjoyable and attract an audience. But a hard lesson learned here is that just because you have an entertaining toy, if you let a bunch of 2 year olds play with it, it might as well be a deflated rubber ball.

It is unfair to expect anything of significant substance from SyFy channel. Their success comes not from getting strong actors or compelling scripts, but bringing imaginative creatures to the screen at the lowest budget possible. This film felt advertised above its head, but it's still difficult to fault the network for that, considering they have previewed the expectations for you with their previous track record. If nothing else, SyFy shows you what $2 million can still get you on screen.

Horror Qualifier: 7/10

Horror Quality: 4/10

Film Quality: 2/10

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