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Preview Review: Damien

Though the story is accurately implied in the trailer, a direct read of the synopsis does clarify a bit more of the series. In the vein of Bates Motel, this series appears to be giving a tale on the other side of the coin. Providing not only empathy for the titular evil, but also implying a level of innocence as well. This model has shown to increase intrigue, but almost always reduce the horror factor of the characters.

In the case of Damien, it does apply an interesting twist, by treating Damien as a victim of his destiny, rather than an embracer of it as the original Omen film would suggest. What would it be like if the Antichrist didn't know he was the Antichrist, or better yet, what if he knew and didn't want the burden? This is such an interesting premise, as the matter of free will, particularly towards those Biblical figures that seemed doomed to fail, is evermore evident and saturated with the Damien concept.

Having said that, this series does seem to be walking the tight rope between enticing character depth and diluting the original character's nefarious identity, much in the same way Bates Motel does. And since everything is on the subject of Star Wars nowadays, we can see as a reference point with Episodes 1 through 3 of the series, that did a vile disservice to one of the greatest cinematic villains of all time in Darth Vader when it gaves us the tale of Anakin (AKA Darth Whiner). It's a dangerous, but brave path to tread indeed.

But the style of the show does seem on-point, with subtle details establishing a good air of creepiness and a foreboding temperature. It's difficult to determine acting and writing prowess from the short teaser, but everything seems to be presenting in a positive (and thereby of course I mean negative) light.

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