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Revisiting Scream The TV Series

I will tell you the one thing I do enjoy about living in Hell is that we can pretty much do whatever we want when it comes to watching movies and television. It helps when you are trying to see things that you may not get to check out elsewhere. That is why I was able to check out the rest of the Scream TV series. A while ago I watched the first episode of the Scream series and I was delighted to say I wanted more. Unfortunately, Satan decided that MTV was too evil to continue to view it in Hell so I had to wait till we were at the apartment. I guess what I am really trying to say is that I am going to talk about Scream the TV Show today!! Horray!!

Scream the TV series starts off like any film in the Scream franchise does. A good creepy kill! It definitely sets the pace and shows you that they are willing to kill people, as lots of people do die throughout the series. However the show does have to keep some characters around because well, it is a show after all. Since shows take place in a season and we are not following the anthology style that American Horror Story uses we need some of them to be around for the next season. If we look at the films, as an analog, it is not uncommon to keep certain characters around. So I would say the show strikes a wonderful balance between George RR Martin and The Boxcar Kids.

Much like Ash vs Rhe Evil Dead, which I highly suggest you watch if you have not, this show pulls directly from its roots. The show has a lot of meta in it. People are self-referential as they are constantly trying to game the killer. This, combined with the similar tropes we see in the first and last Scream movies, may come off a bit trite and cliché, but for some reason I did not get bored while watching the show.

The best part about changing a film into a show is that we get to see behind the scenes a bit more. The characters become more dynamic. I have preached before over-developing characters is bad, but this show seems to hit the sweet spot. Barring you have to deal with “high school” drama, this show gives you just enough to get attached to before they mess everything up.

I will say one negative thing about the show as a whole is that the characters all respond to death way too well. One starts to think that these high schoolers are really more worried about popularity and social standing instead of their friends dying. Well now that I say it like that I guess I just moot my own point. However I will stick by it. These “kids” are like hardened military vets not the kind of children we expect to see in a generic town high school.

Suffice it to say it is a great series to sink your teeth into if you are a fan of the movies. It gives you a very similar feel to watching a very, very long Scream movie and who’s doesn’t want to be terrified for extended periods of time?! If it ever comes out for you people in the US to watch make sure to check it out.

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