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Post-Telluride Horror Show

Telluride Horror Show was an absolutely fantastic experience for Efrit and I. We enjoyed the films immensely and the organization and hospitality of the Telluride crew was top-notch! It is already an event we plan to return to for years to come! We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the event, and we have one last review for you from THS.


Many of the films on the docket tickled the line between horror and thriller. This turned out to be a good thing, as it allowed room for impressive acting and vivid cinematography. Body ended up falling into a similar line, focusing more on the interaction between actresses to build the tension. The film used few basics from the horror genre to develop a rather tame, but eventful film that fulfulled at least the concept of suspense. It committed more-so to the thriller side of things from the get-go, which allows one to establish early on how to experience the film.

Body takes place almost entirely within a home in which an incident forces our trio of girls to make decisions that continually alter the course of the story. The plot was interesting enough to hold your attention throughout its runtime, though, if you think about it, the entirety of the film hangs on one single event and the bleeding consequences thereafter. This is fine, particularly for the film that was presented, but it wasn't exactly tipping the scale into the horror genre.

As the development of the story and characters are key to the plot, I will refrain from going into much detail regarding the particulars of the tale for the sake of those that would not like it spoiled. But know that when you are watching this, it is more of a narrative on social and psychological tendencies than a gore-splashed stab-fest.

Despite what some could label as uneventful, the film's pace was a breath of fresh air from some of the earlier films at the show. Nothing against those films at all, as their pace fit well with their intentions, but it was enjoyable to experience something that had a little more exuberance in its delivery.

The plot and ending was strong enough that it ignited a discussion between Efrit and I over the idiosyncracies of who was responsible for what in the film. Who was the true catalyst for the consequences experienced? If a film is able to do that, than it has achieved something Michael Bay never has with his millions of dollars. And that should be worth at least a thumbs up.

Horror Qualifier: 5/10

Horror Quality: 3/10

Film Quality: 6/10

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