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Telluride Second Wave

The Hallow

“One of the most terrifying monster movies in recent history” are big words, but the trailer for The Hallow definitely shows us some creepy stuff. The movie is set in Ireland and has all the accompanying unsettling forests, strange people and creepy nuances of horror films set in such an environment. It is good to see some more Irish folklore-based movies. It is such a rich environment for horror that I am glad we don’t just have to rely on Leprechaun to be our soul source of Irish folklore-based horror films. We are both excited to see Corin Hardy’s first full length film and excited to see if he will be capable of doing The Crow remake justice.


“Enough is enough! I have had it with these mother *%&!ing werewolves on this mother *%&!ing train!”, is what Sammy J would say were he casted in this film. I love werewolf movies and this one seems to be no exception. An interesting environment and an interesting take on an old monster icon for the best creature feature in this demon's opinion. This is Paul Hyett ‘s first journey into directing, having done a plethora of prosthetic effects work on movies like The Descent and The Woman in Black. This should be a great film fully depicting the experience of a bear eating tuna out of a tin can!


This film looks like it has the potential to be really creepy or really confusing. Either way this Silent Hill-esq story of a sister venturing into her siblings subconscious to save her from a deadly disease looks like it should be visually stunning at the very least. It is good to see somewhere that looks so much like home in films. Giving the movie such a hellish and terrible landscape makes it far more scary beause it is like it could happen right outside my door!

They Look Like People

What would you do if you thought all of the people around you were turning evil? Would you destroy them or try to save them? These seem like the large questions in Perry Blackshear’s first venture into horror, which looks psychological and dark. Typically I am worried about these films because psychological terror is something that usually ends up disappointing me (Secret Window and It Follows). However my love for Absentia, forces me to give more of these films a chance. I am excited to check out this film and see where it lies on the spectrum!

Other films include Sensoria, Body, Darling, The Interior, The Mind’s Eye, and The Return of The Living Dead.

Also make sure to grab your 3-day pass to the festival for $94. Pick them up here at the Telluride Horror Show Website!

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