The Hard Way or the Bus

A Review of Drag Me To Hell

Getting cursed sucks. It can happen to all of us. Even demons can sometimes be on the receiving end of a good ol’ fashioned hex. It is also annoying to be on the other end. Contrary to popular belief not all demons enjoy being dragged up to earth in order to stalk some poor person who just got on the wrong end of a “powerful” witch or gypsy. This is why I have sympathy for anyone who has had a curse put on them. This was definitely the case in Drag Me To Hell, which Sickle and I watched recently.

The story revolves around a cute Midwestern girl Christie Brown (Alison Brown) and her psychologist skeptic boyfriend (Justin Long). Her efforts in trying to get a management position at her job lead her to pissing off a gypsy. In a saliva-filled rage she vows to curse her, and then later does so after a very intense station battle in her car. No, I am not purposefully making fun of this film, I am literally telling you what happened. This is a Sam Raimi flick so it comes with a side order of satire and sarcasm. But that is why we love you, Sam. ALL HAIL EVIL DEAD 2

This movie may not come across as scary, but it has some pretty freaky scenes. Even I respect some of the moves the witch uses against Christie to get her all scared and ready to be DRAGGED TO HELL. To be honest it isn’t so bad here in Hell. I mean, we have made a good living for ourselves so I dunno why it scares people so much…anyways, I am getting off topic. The main point is that you can expect the same kind of creepy yet funny stuff you see from most of Raimi’s films. I would say this movie is a solid contender for one of Raimi’s best films.

This movie delivers on its horror, it has some gross-out scenes, some jump scenes, some…weird scenes. It does not fail to illicit feelings of fear. People don’t want to be cursed and dragged to hell, it is just something they are genetically coded to dislike, for no reason at all….no, I’m not bitter. However, since it is a Sam Raimi flick you can expect the horror to be slightly undercut by humor. This is not a bad thing but it does take some of the fright out of it. Overall, I would suggest this film to anyone who likes Rami’s directorial style, but it doesn’t offer much more than being a humorous, demonic take on Thinner.

Horror Qualifier: 9/10

Horror Quality: 6/10

Film Quality: 5/10