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Trailer Straining

For Article Wednesday we are going to take a peak and briefly discuss three upcoming films based on the information we have on hand on the films. To add a little flavor to the preview reviewing, we’ll preemptively rank the three films based on anticipation and expectations. Let’s take a look.

1. February

Emma Roberts appears to be developing a partiality towards the horror genre, and given our appreciation for her skills, we are happy to see her join in the dark fun. February has boasted of offering a fresh take on the possession sub-genre, taking a relatively nameless and vague approach to the material. The trailer teases a twist that will develop slowly through the course of the film as our three young female leads slowly boil the tension through solid directing.

The trailer, synopsis, and recently released reviews seem promising and intriguing. While I tend to be a little more patient than my demonic counterpart, I am looking forward to the slow burn and hope that this film delivers on a more cerebral level.

2. Red Billabong

Over at Bloody Disgusting, there is an “uproar” in the comments section involving the headline BD chose to use for the film, relating it to Jurassic Park. The point wasn’t to relate the film to dinosaurs directly, nor necessarily relating the film to the Jurassic Park concept, but after watching the trailer, I have noticed little nuances in the Aussie film’s style and cinematography that are akin to some of the scenes from the first Jurassic Park film. Little else of this film is related, but I imagine that is the point BD was attempting to make.

The film’s plot is actually about a mysterious beast that begins feasting on friends and family of our protagonist. While I have a relatively high appreciation for Australian and European films for their proclivities towards practical effects, this film does seem to be going heavy on the CGI side of things. To make us even more skeptical, the trailer has some pretty weak voiceover and mixing work that doesn’t bode well for the final product. That is a cause for alarm, but it is hard for me not to get excited about a monster movie from Australia. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

3. Evolution

No, this isn’t a remake of the scifi/comedy starring David Duchovny. This is a French dark drama with scifi and fantasy elements. The teaser, which offers little insight into the film, is so short and ambiguous that it is impossible to even be stirred by it. But what little we know about the plot, that it is an Island of Dr. Moreau matriarchy, is very intriguing. This film is, admittedly, the one that sounds most original and interesting on this list, but with little content to base a perspective, it ended up at the bottom. If the film turns out to be a fantastical turn on humanity and its struggle with adaptation, then great. If it’s about as eventful and ethereal as this teaser clip, then it might be a little too French for this ADHD undead American.

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