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Rare Exports 2: Krampus Awakens

Since we missed a comic on Monday, we thought it best not to short you today.

The trailer making the rounds recently has been for Krampus, another dark Christmas tale with a morbid comedic tone. Horror films, perhaps more than any other genre of film, have traditions. One common tradition is the horror holidays, in particular Christmas. From Black Christmas to Gremlins, there is no shortage of films tainting the most sacred of pastimes. Usually in dark comedic fashion, these films use the joyous atmosphere and flip it on its head for the sake of scares and laughs. And while there are some entertaining blips on the radar from over the years, recent memory struggles to bring any instant-classics to mind, save for one.

Rare Exports was a fantastically-made Finnish horror film that took the evil Santa Claus concept and turned it into a clever horror comedy romp. Perhaps the only flaw in the film is the tease at the Krampus creature's reign of terror that never comes to fruition. Which, to our delight, is where Krampus comes in.

Starring Adam Scott, Toni Collette, and David Koechner, Krampus seems to pick up where Rare Exports essentially left off, at least from a creature design standpoint. But this film appears to take the horror and the comedy to another level. It appears we are going to get quite a few glimpses of the anti-Santa monster, along with his evil throng of brutes that creatively pop from presents and resemble nightmarish versions of their toy equivalents.

As far as horror comedies go, particularly those set around the holidays, this film appears to have everything we would desire. Creative malevolent outlets, well-designed scare tactics, and pure, unadulterated humor sprinkled throughout. This film has Efrit and I very excited, as repeat viewings of the classics can only hold you off so far until you need to open up a new present that has the promise of refreshing a jaded tradition.

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