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Telluride's First Wave

As Efrit and I prepare for the Telluride Horror Show on October 16th through the 18th, we will be keeping an eye on the upcoming slate of horror films to tickle our horror bone. THS recently released their first wave of films, and we certainly see a handful of promising pieces coming up. So, excuse our lack of illustrated hijinks for this Labor Day, as we decided to dive into some of these titles to provide a preview for what we will get the pleasure to see.

He Never Died

Brimming with originality and intrigue, He Never Died follows an immortal with a beastly hunger as he deals with his insatiable need for human flesh and his curse of out-living humanity. The film, rather than taking the "glorification of pseudo-cannibalism" approach like many werewolf and vampire tales in the past, dwells on the moral conundrums inherent in such a manner of life. Why get attached to anyone when you simply may end up eating them, but certainly out-living them? And thus his struggle for some established form of moral code begins. We are very much looking forward to this film!

Inner Demon

Certainly not to be confused with the found footage flop Inner Demons, this film teases a blend of The Ring meets The Devil's Rejects. A young woman escapes her serial killer captors only to end up in a fight with a malevolent spirit. The teaser trailer above gives us glimpses of what to expect from the piece, and it would appear we have quite a bit of gore and scares to go around.

The Invitation

Perhaps the most star-studded film on the list, The Invitation features Logan Marshall-Green (Prometheus) as an ex-husband invited to a party by his ex-wife (Tammy Blanchard, Into the Woods), but as things become eerily suspicious, Logan becomes paranoid over the circumstances of his invite. Like Rosemary's Baby tackling divorce instead of pregnancy, we get to see horror from a psychological perspective fueled by the performances in the piece. Often these films come out on top, we'll see if that's the case here.

Nina Forever

UK's answer to Burying the Ex, this film centers around a couple that, upon engaging in intercourse, are met by the recently deceased, bloodied and broken body of the ex-girlfriend to our protagonist. Like a more firmly morbid version of its American equivalent, Nina Forever looks to boast quite a few laughs to go along with its dark and graphic undertones. This one will likely walk the line between horror and comedy throughout, which has become a refreshing sub-genre for us when cleverly produced as this film appears to be.

Other films in the first wave: German Angst, Landmine Goes Click, Hell House LLC, and A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Along with a throng of short films that are expected to be a blast!

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