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Alien's Event Horizon

For Article Wednesday, we decided to discuss the now-long-gestation period of Alien 5, Blomkamp and Ridley Scott's influence on its production, and the potential retroactive continuity of Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection. Bloody Disgusting reported via their sources that Alien 5 is in a pseudo-development hell, but one that may be more benevolently planned than most such scenarios. Does this really count as development hell? It's in space. What's Hell in space? Event Horizon. This is essentially Alien's "event horizon" and we just need to hope it pulls through. Or do we dare hope that?

Alien 5 was rumored to be stuck in the "event horizon", but it would seem it is a little more purposeful than merely a producer backing out on the film. It has been recently rumored the delay in production has been decided by the lead producer himself Ridley Scott. With his own film Prometheus 2 taking place in virtually the same realm as the Alien franchise, Scott did not want the two films colliding or competing with one another, not simply in the box office, but also for his attention. So Scott chose to move the film he'd be directing to the forefront (2017 release) and have Alien 5 come out the following year (2018). If true, this is a minutely frustrating, but relieving situation. We can all give Scott a little patience, but has Blomkamp earned that?

Few question Ridley Scott's prowess in the director's chair. Movie patrons are a little more divided on the Blomkamp front. His first film, District 9, was superb on nearly every front. It was a very well-done film that had the vibe of a sci-fi short extended to a feature-length movie. It was entertaining and provocative. Sadly, Blomkamp's next two efforts received mixed reviews at best. Many have commented that his directing skill seems to be holding steady where his writing has seemed to get worse. So should we be looking forward to Alien 5 at all, then?

Blomkamp first dabbled in the thought of doing an Alien sequel many years ago. When he purposefully leaked concept art from this dabbling, it quickly went viral. It was suddenly a dream come true for Alien fans, as Scott and other studios backed the project based on fan reaction. Is this going to be a creative success ala District 9 or a creative mess like Chappie? The concept art would tell us success, but the delay does raise concerns if Scott's rumored involvement in the delay isn't true. Regardless, Blomkamp has a vision all his own, and hate it or not, he is brave enough to execute it. So, at the very least, we should expect something a little more creative than AvP.

Prometheus' continuity, or lack thereof, is one of the long-standing critiques against the film. Where many expected and were excited about an Alien prequel, they were soon confused and disappointed by watching a pseudo-prequel that both matched and deviated from the original. It would appear we are getting similar confusion from this sequel. Rumors have gone back and forth claiming that Alien 5 will dismiss 3 and 4, or follow suit from them. Alien and Aliens set a high standard for the franchise, but Alien 3 is still held in decent regard amongst fans. Alien Resurrection on the other hand is regularly dismissed as a failure. So, as divided as fans are on retroactive continuity, they may sooner stand on the side of support should Blomkamp's take remove at least Alien 4 from the mythos.

Alien stands as one of the most iconic horror films in history. To give a director as mysterious and original as Blomkamp a chance at it, with the passion he clearly displays in the source material, is worth a shot in this sociopath's mind. But then again...I am a sociopath.

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